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Chocolate to Cost More Than Gold

Fancy a bit of chocolate? An afternoon Kit Kat with your cup of tea? A chunk of fruit and nut? Go on, you’ve earned it. Except that in the future, chocoholics might have to work quite a bit harder to

Africa urged to tackle climate change

African leaders came under pressure on Wednesday to take concrete actions against global warming at the African Development Forum in the Ethiopian capital, organisers said. “Ethiopia’s President Girma Wolde-Giorgis has called on African leaders to ‘close the gap between rhetoric

Does Egypt’s past hide climate change fix

As world experts grapple with ways to contain global warming, researchers gathered in Egypt are seeking answers from the country’s pharaonic past to help tackle environmental problems of the present. Blessed with incomparable archaeological wealth, Egypt is the most populous

Experts to Assess Acid Mine Water

Pretoria — A team of experts is expected to assess the extent of acid mine drainage in the country and report back to an inter-ministerial committee appointed by Minister of Water Affairs Bulelwa Sonjica. Cabinet last month mandated the minister

6 Dead in Mozambique bread riot

Video Report: At least six people including two children have been killed in Mozambique during street protests over rising bread prices. Please follow and like us:

Climate Will Kill More Africans Than Malaria Or Aids,’ Anglican Church Warned

The continent of Africa is facing a future in which climate change will kill more people than traditional causes such as malaria and HIV, according to a Ugandan environmental expert. Dr Rose Mwebaza warned Anglican bishops from Africa in Entebbe

Nigeria: Rice yields affected by climate change

Production of rice — the world’s most important crop for ensuring food security and addressing poverty — will be thwarted as temperatures increase in rice-growing areas with continued climate change, according to a new study by an international team of

Africa: Acidic Mine Water Crisis

Johannesburg — JOHANNESBURG Water was concerned about the possibility of acid mine drainage flooding the city’s central business district, but there were potential solutions, the utility’s chairman said yesterday. Last week the parliamentary portfolio committee on water and environmental affairs

African lake warmest in 1,500 years

Africa’s Lake Tanganyika, the second-oldest and second-deepest lake on Earth, is warmer now than it has been in 1,500 years, scientists say. Experiencing unprecedented warming during the last century, the lake’s surface waters are the warmest on record, reported

Nigeria: Govt Needs Billions to Fight Desert Encroachment

Abuja — Minister of Aviation, Mrs. Fidelia Njeze, has said that the Federal Government would require an estimated N11 billion to tackle desert encroachment in the northern part of the country. She said the country’s arable land mass and water

South Africa puts power security above clean energy

South Africa, which relies on coal for 90 percent of its electricity, will need to first focus on ensuring sufficient power supply before moving full-scale to fight climate change, a minister said on Tuesday. South Africa, the continent’s largest economy

South Africa won’t sign emission cut targets if they hurt growth

South Africa, a major polluter due to its dependence on coal-fired electricity, will not agree to any emission-cutting targets if doing so hurts the country’s economy, a cabinet spokesman said on Thursday. International talks resume in December in Copenhagen where