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20 million affected by Pakistan floods

Pakistan says 20 million people have been affected by devastating floods, six million more than previously thought, as the United Nations confirmed the first case of cholera in the country. The number of people affected had generally been counted at

3 Quakes hit Mariana Islands, 14 aftershocks

Hagatna – In a 24-hour period, the region of the Mariana Islands, near Guam, experienced three powerful earthquakes ranging from 6.3-magnitude to 6.9-magnitude. The region also has witnessed 14 aftershocks. Earthquakes have been the dominant natural disaster for the year

2 earthquakes rock Philippines

At least two quakes — one measuring magnitude 4.9 — rocked Mindanao Sunday, but state seismologists said no damage or aftershock was expected. The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) said the first quake with magnitude 3.1 was tectonic

Wildfires close to Russian nuclear site

A fire raging dangerously close to Russia’s main nuclear research centre has grown in size, officials said Friday, as firefighters battled to cut back hundreds of blazes across the country. The emergencies ministry said that more than 500 fires covering

Cholera strikes amid Pakistani flood disaster

SUKKUR, Pakistan – The deadly, waterborne disease cholera has surfaced in flood-ravaged Pakistan, the U.N. confirmed Saturday, adding to the misery of 20 million people the government says have been made homeless by the disaster. A fresh surge of floodwater

Food prices in Pakistan rocket

Video Report: Rescue and relief efforts push on in devastated Pakistan as food prices climb. Please follow and like us:

Latest Chinese mudslides trap 500, kill five

Mudslides after heavy rain have killed five people and trapped more than 500 in the south-western Chinese province of Sichuan, the Xinhua state news agency said. The mudslide is the latest in a series of natural disasters to strike China,

Bread prices soar in Russia

The price of Russian bread is rising sharply in Moscow as repercussions from the country’s months-long record drought start to have an impact on the cost of food supplies. In Moscow markets, the price of a loaf of bread has

Pakistan floods destroy crops and could cost billions

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) – Flood recovery costs for Pakistan’s vital agriculture sector and farmers could be in the billions of dollars, as a farmers association said half a million tonnes each of wheat and sugar had been destroyed. Agriculture is the

Chernobyl Forests are on fire

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Fires have scorched forests contaminated with radiation from the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, a Russian forestry official said on Wednesday, but it was unclear how dangerous the smoke might be. Kremlin leaders are already grappling with Russia’s deadliest