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Asia tourism, airlines ‘complacent’ on climate change

BANGKOK (AFP) – Asian airlines and tourist firms are too complacent about the urgent need to address global warming, industry leaders warned at a conference on climate change. Westerners rather than Asians dominated the first Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA)

Global warming expert raises concerns for tourism industry

BANGKOK (AFP) – Nobel Peace Prize recipient Rajendra Pachauri Tuesday warned tourism industry chiefs they need to reduce their impact on climate change as consumers become more environmentally aware. “The tourism industry, for its own sake, will have to adapt,”

China calls for help on climate change

BEIJING – China called on the international community Thursday to increase the flow of technology to developing countries to help them fight climate change. Minister of Science and Technology Wan Gang said developed nations “need to establish a mechanism for

Maldives president seeks help for ‘paradise drowning’

SINGAPORE (AFP) – Maldives President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom made an impassioned plea Tuesday for a cut in global greenhouse gas emissions, warning that rising sea levels could submerge his paradise island chain. He launched a book at the UN-backed Business

A thirsty planet looks for solutions to water shortage

PARIS (AFP) – A world without fresh water would be a world bereft of humans, and yet one in five people lacks regular access to this most basic of life-sustaining substances. By 2025, fully a third of the planet’s growing

China blames Global Warming for growing water shortages

China suffers a water shortage of nearly 40 billion cubic metres a year which Water Resources Minister Chen Lei blamed largely on global warming, state media have reported. “The changes have led to a combination of both frequent drought and

China’s emissions drop but situation grim

China, the world·s top emitter of sulphur dioxide, has managed to cut emissions of the acid-rain causing pollutant in first half of 2007, but the government said on Tuesday that meeting national targets would be tough. China has promised to