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Locusts Reap Crops Before Farmers

The South Australian Farmers Federation president, Peter White, says locusts are starting to eat crops before they can be harvested. Aerial spraying was cancelled on Friday and Saturday because of rain but will continue through the week. Please follow and

Cold Weather Slows Locust March

The Department of Primary Industries says the weekend’s cold, wet weather has slowed the surging locust population across Victoria. The insects started swarming on Friday, with a small number reaching Melbourne. Please follow and like us:

More Quakes Shake Christchurch

After a couple of relatively quiet days, Christchurch has experienced another wave of aftershocks with two of them measuring over 4 on the Richter scale. The Christchurch earthquake on the 4th September has been followed by a couple of thousand

PSA Disease Attacks Kiwi Orchards

A fourth orchard has been confirmed with the kiwifruit vine-killing disease PSA. The orchard is also in Te Puke, Bay of Plenty, along with the first three confirmed cases. Please follow and like us:

Locusts Blow Into Melbourne

The Victorian plague locust commissioner, Gordon Berg, has confirmed locusts have been swept into Melbourne on unseasonably warm northerly winds overnight. Mr Berg says there have been more than 200 reports to the locust hotline from suburbs such as Box

Rising Seas are Sinking Kiribati


The small Pacific Island states are doing their best to keep the developed world aware of what is happening to them and other vulnerable states under the impacts of climate change. Kiribati this week hosted the second session of the

Locust Swarms Take To The Skies

Biosecurity SA says locusts have now taken to the wing in South Australia’s north and are being seen in the Port Augusta and Port Pirie region. Senior entomologist Ken Henry says there are only low density swarms in the region

SA Locust Risk About to Peak

The threat from locusts is about to peak in South Australia, says the State Government. There have been more than 1,200 sightings reported across northern regions, the Riverland and in the Mallee. Please follow and like us:

Strong Earthquake Hits Tonga

WELLINGTON: A strong, 6.0-magnitude earthquake rattled Tonga on Thursday but there were no immediate reports of damage and no tsunami warning was issued. The undersea earthquake struck at a depth of 33 kilometres (20 miles) about 126 kilometres from the

NSW Large Locust Species Found

Authorities say they have been caught off-guard by the discovery of a species of locust that was not expected to appear in the central west of New South Wales. The Livestock Pest and Health Authority (LHPA) says a swarm of