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Weather Causes Death In Sea Turtles


The coastline of north Queensland is usually picture perfect in winter, but there is a problem in the shallows. Over the past few months sick, lethargic and sometimes dead sea turtles have been washing up onto the region’s beaches. Experts

Bacteria Causing Death In Gropers

Andrew Fisk, Aqua Culture Technologist and Rachel Bowater, veterinarian inspect the groper which was found in the Townsville Port. Pic. Lowe Suzanne JJ185751

Queensland scientists are studying bacteria from crocodiles and cows to understand what is causing it to turn deadly in groper fish in the state’s north. Since 2007, almost 100 of the protected species have washed up dead on beaches from

6.2 Quake Hits Solomons No Tsunami

A 6.2-magnitude earthquake hit off the Solomon Islands this morning, US seismologists said, but no tsunami warning was issued. The quake struck at 8:05am (local time) at a depth of 54 kilometres about 260 kilometres east of the capital Honiara,

Forests Absorb A Third Of CO2

Forests play a larger role in Earth’s climate system than previously suspected for both the risks from deforestation and the potential gains from regrowth, a benchmark study released Thursday has shown. The study, published in Science, provides the most accurate

GreenPeace Destroys GM Wheat

Greenpeace protesters have broken into a CSIRO experimental farm in Canberra to destroy a crop of genetically modified wheat. In the early hours of this morning a group of Greenpeace protesters scaled the fence of the CSIRO experimental station at

Rudd Pledges Aid For Africans

Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd has announced Australia will contribute more than $11 million to help African drought victims. The UN says 12 million people are being affected by the worst drought to hit the Horn of Africa in nearly 60

Climate To Destroy The Economy

Video Report: Former Greenpeace chief Paul Gilding and columnist Thomas Friedman say economic growth is dead in a post-climate change world. Please follow and like us:

Australian Fish In Hot Water


Rapidly warming ocean temperatures in some parts of the world could be pushing some fish species to the limit, stunting their growth, increasing stress and raising the risk of death, a study shows. An Australian study, published on Monday in

NZ Navy Takes On Greenpeace

New Zealand has sent a naval vessel to ensure a high-seas dispute between Greenpeace activists and a Brazilian-owned vessel exploring for oil does not escalate, police confirmed Tuesday. In recent days, swimmers from a Greenpeace flotilla have entered the water

Rudd Wants Global Disaster Force

Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd on Wednesday called for world governments to establish an international disaster response team following a string of earthquakes, floods and cyclones. Rudd said international search and rescue crews were slow to mobilise after February’s New