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Earth Hour Circles The Globe

Hundreds of landmark buildings and millions of ordinary homes have switched off their lights as the annual Earth Hour moved around the globe. Australia’s Opera House was the first of many global landmarks to go dark as the event got

Wind & Waves Become More Powerful

Wind speeds and wave heights over the world’s oceans have been steadily increasing for the past quarter of a century, a new long-term study shows. The researchers at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne say the trend could also have

Ocean Acidification Picks Up Pace


As politicians debate the merits of a carbon tax scheme, antarctic waters are being used to create an early warning system for oceans affected by climate change. Carbon dioxide does not just affect global warming. Ocean acidification is picking up

Japan Suspends Antarctic Whaling

Japanese whalers have suspended their Antarctic hunt, citing harassment by environmentalists, and are considering ending their annual mission early, a fisheries agency official says. Activists from the US-based environmental group Sea Shepherd have pursued and harassed the Japanese fleet for

$500m To Rebuild Flooded Victoria

VICTORIA is to get $500 million to start rebuilding after the floods. The Herald Sun can reveal the money will be paid within days after a deal was struck between Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Family First Senator Steve Fielding.

Whalers And Activists Clash At Sea

Video Report: Japanese whalers release video of what they say is Sea Shepherd Conservation Society attacking a ship. Maryam Ishani reports. Please follow and like us:

Floods Cost Coal Industry Billions

The Queensland Resources Council (QRC) says the state’s flood crisis has cost the sector about $2.3 billion in lost sales. Mine operators have been working to remove water from flooded sites as rail lines begin to reopen. Please follow and

Activists Clash With Japan Whalers

Japanese whaling authorities say Sea Shepherd activists have attacked its whaling fleet in the Antarctic, in the second clash between the two sides this week. The Institute of Cetacean Research, which organises Japan’s so-called scientific whaling program, says activists from

US & Japan Mulled Reining Activists

WIKILEAKS: Leaked US government documents show Australian officials were willing to accept a compromise deal with Japan over whaling – despite then-environment minister Peter Garrett, publicly rejecting the idea. Fairfax newspapers say documents obtained by WikiLeaks show Mr Garrett’s former

Activists Clash with Japan Whalers

The organisation in charge of Japan’s scientific whaling program has accused the Sea Shepherd conservation group of endangering its crews in the Southern Ocean. The two sides have clashed for the first time during this season’s Antarctic hunt. Please follow