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Anti-Whaling Ships Head South

Anti-whaling ships leave Hobart today for their seventh campaign in the Southern Ocean to try to stop Japan’s whaling program. The Sea Shepherd ships Bob Barker and Steve Irwin will leave Hobart’s Macquarie Wharf this afternoon for “Operation No Compromise”.

Mass Extinctions as Oceans Die

Australian scientists fear the planet is on the brink of another mass extinction as ocean dead zones continue to grow in size and number. More than 400 ocean dead zones – areas so low in oxygen that sea life cannot

Sea Shepherd Unveils New Weapon

The Australian director of the anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd says its new vessel has the potential to stop Japanese whaling. The fast interceptor vessel, which is registered in Fremantle and cost $4 million, is called Gojira. Please follow and like

Third Explosion at Pike River Mine

There has been a third explosion at the Pike River coal mine in New Zealand, where 29 men are presumed dead underground. The blast, which reportedly lasted for around 23 seconds, is said to have happened shortly after 3:30pm (local

Australia Moves to Protect Tuna

Australian has announced new measures to protect stocks of southern bluefin tuna, whose numbers are being threatened by the rising global popularity of sushi food. Environment Minister Tony Burke said the fish would be listed as “conservation-dependent”, meaning it would

NZ Hope Turns to Anger for Families

There have been outbursts of grief and anger as the families of the 29 men who perished in the New Zealand mine disaster ask why more was not done to save their loved ones. Anger in reaction to news of

NZ in Mourning after 2nd Mine Blast

Video Report: New Zealand’s prime minister John Key says the Pike River mine explosion is a national tragedy. Please follow and like us:

Third Qantas Jet Has Engine Trouble

Qantas’s 90th anniversary celebrations have been overshadowed, with CEO Alan Joyce dismissing last night’s mid-air engine fault on a Melbourne-bound Boeing 767 as a minor incident. The plane was only 15 minutes out of Perth when it developed a vibration

World’s Appetite Outpaces Harvests

In the volcanic valleys of central Mexico, on the Canadian prairie, across India’s northern plain, they sow and they reap the golden grain that has fed us since the distant dawn of farming. But along with the wheat these days

Qantas Decides to Fly to Jakarta

Qantas says it has made a careful assessment of weather conditions and will go ahead with today’s flight to Jakarta. The airline had been considering cancelling its service from Sydney due to the risk of ash clouds from the recent

Pilot & Crew From A380 Were On 747


The pilot and crew who lived through the first Qantas engine failure were on board when flames shot out of an engine on a second Qantas plane forcing it back to Singapore. Qantas has stressed that mid-air engine failures that

Passengers Describe Jet Drama

Video Report: A Sydney-bound Qantas Boeing 747 had to return to Singapore with engine troubles, adding to the airline’s woes. The engine failure took place just two days after another Qantas jet also blew an engine in the same airspace