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Another Jet Fails over Indonesia

Another Qantas plane has had to return to Singapore after an engine failure. A Qantas spokeswoman has confirmed QF6 from Singapore to Sydney experienced a problem shortly after take-off at 9:17pm (local time). Please follow and like us:

Eyewitness Films Engine Blow Out

Video Report: UK passenger Matthew Hewitt filmed white vapour streaming from the wing a Qantas A-380 before it was forced to make an emergency landing in Singapore. Please follow and like us:

Qantas Flight QF32 Video Update

Video Report: One of the world’s largest passenger planes, a Qantas Airbus 380, lost an engine in flight. Parts of the engine fell on Indonesia. Now the entire fleet is grounded. Please follow and like us:

New Strain of Swine Flu Emerges

The H1N1 swine flu virus may be starting to mutate, and a slightly new form has begun to predominate in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, researchers reported on Thursday. More study is needed to tell whether the new strain is

Trimaran circles North Pole

A trimaran sailing boat has circled the North Pole in a single summer season, a feat made possible by global warming and the melting of the Arctic ice cap, the boat’s international crew said Thursday. The “Northern Passage” left the

Sydney starts world climate action

With tree plantings in Australia’s biggest city Sydney and gardening near its iconic Bondi Beach, hundreds took part Sunday in what organisers say will be the world’s biggest day of climate change action. The 10/10/10 event known as the “Global

Census surveys global marine life

Results of the first-ever global marine life census were unveiled Monday, revealing an unprecedented view of life beneath the waves after a decade-long trawl through the murky depths. The Census of Marine Life estimated there are one million-plus species in

Islanders fail to get rising sea aid.

A group of Torres Strait Islanders say they are disappointed to be leaving Canberra without the assurance of new funding to save their homelands from rising tides. The Poruma Islanders visited Parliament House today to raise awareness of the threat

Fresh food prices could soar

A food security summit in Brisbane is hearing prices are expected to increase by up to 50 per cent over the next 10 years, making fresh food unattainable for some people. Forum chairman Professor Geoffrey Lawrence says the price of

Rising Tide Protestors Arrested

Police in Newcastle have arrested two environmental activists who had tied themselves to machinery in the city’s coal port to protest against the coal industry’s impact on climate change. More than 50 members of the group Rising Tide Newcastle broke

New Dust Storm To Hit Sydney

An earth scientist says another major dust storm over south-eastern Australia is likely within weeks. The Australian National University’s Professor Patrick De Deckker is studying the last decade of storms, which have carried millions of tonnes of dust across the

Scientist Warns Of Global Famine

At an international agricultural biotechnology conference in Canada, an Australian scientist and journalist gave a dire keynote address Monday, warning global governments to pay greater attention to the possibility of coming global famine. “This is a big issue — it