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Australia PM offers ‘cash for clunkers’ climate policy

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard Saturday pledged 400 million dollars (360 million US) to take old cars off the road and vowed to impose tougher fuel standards as part of her election policy on climate change. Gillard, who is seeking

Protester heckles Australian PM’s climate speech

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard was heckled by rowdy protesters on Friday as she announced her new climate change policy ahead of next month’s elections. Security staff tackled one demonstrator to the ground and led him away in handcuffs, while

Nobel climate scientist dead at 65

Nobel Prize-winning climate change researcher Stephen Schneider has died at the age of 65. The Stanford University scientist worked on the international research panel on global warming that shared the 2007 Nobel Prize with former US vice-president Al Gore. He

Australia: Scientists to track locust plague from sky

The Australian Plague Locust Commission predicts locust eggs will begin hatching in north-west Victoria from late September, causing millions of dollars of damage to crops. Sydney University’s Dr Greg Sword says by tracking swarm movement, pesticides to control them can

Australia: Water to get more scarce, more expensive

A new study says Australia’s water supply problems are only going to get worse as the population soars towards 45 million by mid-century. The report by Australia’s major water utilities estimates demand for water will increase by almost 1 trillion

Australia: Monckton blasts unconstitutional ETS

Visiting British climate change commentator Christopher Monckton has attacked the Federal Government’s emissions trading scheme (ETS), arguing part of it is unconstitutional. Lord Monckton is using a speaking tour of Australia to question the need for countries to cut carbon

Scientists ‘losing climate fight’

A leading Australian climate change scientist says experts are losing the fight against sceptics, who are distorting the science of global warming. His comments come as a prominent British climate change sceptic tours the country. Lord Christopher Monckton has arrived

Sceptic opens fire on climate change

One of Britain’s most prominent climate change sceptics says Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s plan to introduce an emissions trading scheme will have no effect on the climate. Lord Christopher Monckton is in Australia on a week-long speaking tour. The controversial

Australian government aims for 90pc car emission cuts

The Federal Government has released proposed new car emission standards which it wants to introduce from 2012. The Government says the new standards would cut pollutants from all cars in Australia by as much as 90 per cent. But the

NZ government committee backs carbon trading scheme

New Zealand should retain emissions trading as its primary tool to fight climate change, a parliamentary review panel said on Monday, but gave few specifics on how the existing trading scheme might be changed. The committee, established late last year,