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France Reports First Dengue Fever Infection On Mainland

France reported a first case of dengue fever infection on its mainland Monday, in the southern city of Nice, and is trying to kill mosquitoes which might be carrying the deadly disease in the area. The health ministry said it

Home of “Ice Giants” thaws, shows pre-Viking hunts

Climate change is exposing reindeer hunting gear used by the Vikings’ ancestors faster than archaeologists can collect it from ice thawing in northern Europe’s highest mountains. “It’s like a time machine…the ice has not been this small for many, many

Mudslide Hits Italian Village

ROME – A river of mud unleashed by heavy rains has flooded a tiny village on Italy’s Amalfi Coast, and at least one person was reported missing. Video obtained by APTN on Friday showed a river of mud running through

Turkey’s Ararat glaciers shrink

The glaciers atop Mount Ararat, the peak in eastern Turkey where Noah’s Ark is believed by devotees to have settled after the biblical flood, have shrunk by 30 percent in surface area over the last 30 years, a researcher said

Undersea earthquake shakes Athens

AN UNDERSEA earthquake measuring 4.3 points on the Richter scale rattled Athens early on Thursday, the Greek geodynamic institute said. The quake in the Corinthian Gulf struck at 6:53am local time, with an epicenter 60 kilometers (37 miles) west of

Earthquake recorded in North Sea

An earthquake has been detected in the North Sea about 155 miles (250km) east of Aberdeen. The British Geological Survey (BGS) said the 3.5 magnitude event would have been significant if it had occurred on land. Please follow and like

Strong Earthquake felt in Bulgaria

A mild magnitude four earthquake on the Richter scale was felt in the Bulgarian towns of Kroumovgrad and Kurdzhali on the morning of August 23 2010, Bulgarian media reported. The tremor’s epicenter was said to be at the border between

Strong quake rattles Greece

An earthquake struck western Greece, but no injuries or damage has been reported. The US Geological Survey said the 5.7 magnitude quake struck at a depth of 33 kilometres. The Athens Geodynamic Institute measured the quake at 5.4 and said

Wildfires rage in Portugal

Over Fifty fires are reportedly burning in parts of the country. Portuguese firefighters are continuing to battle dozens of forest fires that are sweeping through the country and have killed two of their colleagues. Over 50 fires are burning in

Earthquake shakes Turkey

An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 4.8 has struck a town in western Turkey but there are no immediate reports of damage or injuries. The Istanbul-based Kandilli seismology centre says the quake occurred at 5:23 am (0223 GMT), in