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Snow strains technology networks

Some of Britain’s technology was pushed to its limits this morning, as heavy snow put the brakes on the Monday morning commute. Travel websites, including Transport for London (TfL), crashed as hundreds of thousands of users looked to see how

Sixteen die in northern Spain floods

Heavy rains have sparked flooding in northern Spain this week, while another death increased the number of fatalities claimed by storms to 16, officials and hospital sources said. A 53-year-old man died at a Tarragona hospital on Monday after a

Jordan grapples with water crisis

DEIR ALLA, Jordan (AFP) – Gasping for water and fearful that climate change will amplify its problems, Jordan is pinning its hopes for liquid salvation on a scheme with no parallel: hauling water from the Red Sea to replenish the

Alps hit by two-decade decline in snowfall

PARIS (AFP) – A forthcoming study has added to worries that the Alpine ski industry will be badly affected by global warming, the British weekly New Scientist reports on Wednesday. A “dramatic step-like drop” in the amount of snow falling

Italy hit by flash flood

Heavy rains in Italy have caused the River Aniene in Tivoli to burst its banks. Hundreds of people looked on as water levels rose by over a metre in one hour. Report courtesy of Please follow and like us:

TAJIKISTAN: Struggles to contain Locust Plague Invasion

Tajikistan has been battling a locust invasion over the past few weeks, but officials say control measures and assistance from the donor community will allow them to combat the outbreak. “This year the locust invasion started in many parts of

Raging Wildfire burns Canary Island world heritage site

MADRID. Hundreds of Spanish fire fighters, backed by planes and helicopters, were fighting on Monday to stop a fire spreading into Garajonay National Park, a world heritage site on the Canary Island of La Gomera. A La Gomera local government

UK Super Bug deaths rising sharply

There are 10 times more deaths across the UK from the superbug clostridium difficile among over 65-year-olds than in any other country in the world, figures suggest. The equivalent of one person dies every hour in our hospitals from this

Drought exposes sunken town

Water levels are so low in Spain that a medieval village that was flooded to make a reservoir, has been exposed. Report courtesy of Please follow and like us:

Rapidly Melting Mountain Snow and Glaciers bring for water shortages

VIENNA, April 14 (Reuters) – Glaciers and mountain snow are melting earlier in the year than usual, meaning the water has already gone when millions of people need it during the summer when rainfall is lower, scientists warned on Monday.

Is a Tsunami due to hit the UK?

In the UK we often have the perception that natural disasters always seem to happen elsewhere in the world. The closest we seem to get is remote viewing of these events through our TV sets and after a while we

Air Pollution Causes Bigger Hail


Air pollution hugely increases the size of hail, and thus the amount of damage it can cause to crops and property, according to a study presented at the European Conference on Severe Storms. The interaction of man-made particles with airborne