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‘New Release’ Of Climategate Emails


A new batch of emails and other documents from the University of East Anglia’s (UEA) Climatic Research Unit has been released on the internet. There are more than 5,000 emails, while other documents include working papers relating to the Intergovernmental

Greenhouse Gases Hit Record High

The amount of global warming-causing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere rose to a new high in 2010 and the rate of increase has accelerated, the UN weather agency said on Monday. Levels of carbon dioxide – a greenhouse gas and

Europe’s Amphibians Face Extinction

Amphibians living in tropical regions, which traditionally boast the highest diversity of animal species, are under the biggest threat in the future, researchers say. Half of all Europe’s frogs, toads and newts could also be driven to extinction within 40

Get Ready For Climate Disasters

The toll from ever-more intense floods, drought, and heatwaves will crescendo this century unless humanity anticipates the onslaught, according to a UN report set to be unveiled on Friday. In an 800-page assessment, the Nobel-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Extreme Events Are On The Way

Southern Europe will be gripped by fierce heatwaves, drought in North Africa will be more common, and small island states face ruinous storm surges from rising seas, according to a report by UN climate scientists. The assessment is the most

Radioactive Particles Found In EU

Very low levels of radioactive iodine-131 have been detected in the Czech Republic and elsewhere in Europe but the particles are not believed to pose a public health risk, the UN nuclear agency said. The International Atomic Energy Agency, the

Population Hits 7 Billion

Asia has welcomed the world’s first symbolic seven billionth baby, but celebrations were tempered by worries over the strain that humanity’s population explosion is putting on a fragile planet. The United Nations said by its best estimates the seven billionth

Climate Catastophe: No City Is Safe


A third of humanity, mostly in Africa and South Asia, face the biggest risks from climate change but rich nations in northern Europe will be least exposed, according to a report released Wednesday. Bangladesh, India and the Democratic Republic of

Sea Levels Continue To Rise


Rising sea levels in the coming centuries is perhaps one of the most catastrophic consequences of rising temperatures. Massive economic costs, social consequences and forced migrations could result from global warming. But how frightening of times are we facing? Researchers

Climate Change Threatens Health


Climate change poses an immediate and serious threat to global health and stability, as floods and droughts destroy people’s homes and food supplies and increase mass migration, experts warned Monday. In a statement issued at a meeting in London, they