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Arsenic Found In Australian Lake


The Northern Territory Health Department says water in the Lake Bennett area is mostly fine for household use, despite containing arsenic levels more than 20 times above safe guidelines. The Environment Department says two private bores in the area had

India Serves Up Toxic Vegetables


BANGALORE: The next time you go to buy vegetables in the market, check if they are coming from villages around Varthur Tank, Bellandur Tank, Byramangala Tank and Nagawara Tank areas, for a recent study conducted by city-based Indian Institute of

Arsenic Poisons 4.5m S. Americans


Volcanic lakes that are a primary source of freshwater to at least 4.5 million Latin American citizens have been found teeming with arsenic. The poisonous element leached into the water from sediment around the lakes. Ohio University researcher Dina López

Arsenic In Adelaide River Water

Video Report: Residents in the northern NT town of Adelaide River have been warned against drinking bore water after toxic levels of arsenic were detected. Please follow and like us:

Arsenic Water Linked To Boy’s Death


Police and government agencies are remaining tight-lipped about what may have led to the suspected poisoning of a young man from a Northern Territory cattle station. Ben Witham died last week in hospital in Adelaide. A memorial for the 17-year-old

Toxic Metals Found In Chinese Toys


The national product quality watchdog has found heavy metal elements in some toy products, which experts say can accumulate in children’s bodies and cause chronic poisoning if they are absorbed. A recent spot-check by the General Administration of Quality Supervision,

Arsenic Found In Fish In Taiwan


The New Taipei City Department of Agriculture has launched an investigation into allegations that arsenic-tainted fish are being distributed for sale to wet markets in the Taipei area. The media report that made the allegations added that officials and consumers

Excessive Arsenic in Vietnam Water


More than a quarter of drinking wells in Vietnam’s densely-populated Red River delta contain unsafe levels of arsenic that can cause cancer, neurological problems and hypertension, researchers warned on Tuesday. In a paper published in the journal Proceedings of the

65 Indonesian Rivers Contain Toxic Metals


At least five lakes and 65 rivers across the country were contaminated as a result of human activity last year, the country’s leading environmental group says. Mukri Friatna, head of advocacy for the Indonesian Forum for the Environment (Walhi), said

Dead Sea Air Contains Mercury


The atmosphere over the Dead Sea, researchers have found, is laden with oxidized mercury. Some of the highest levels of oxidized mercury ever observed outside the polar regions exist there. The results appear in a paper published on-line November 28th