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The Plague of Locusts in Revelation 9 Explained


Locusts have always been a problem but never to the degree that they are today. As temperatures have increased, Locusts have moved with the climate and are now causing havoc as far north in Europe as France. When faced with

Water in Punjab causes DNA Mutations


Ground water in Punjab, India, has been contaminated to such an extent that it is now causing DNA to mutate in people who drink it, warns a research commissioned by the Punjab Water Pollution Control Board. The study was conducted

China blames pollution as birth defects rise


BEIJING (AFP) – Every 30 seconds a baby is born with physical defects in China, partly due to the country’s deteriorating environment, state media said, citing a senior family planning official. The figure, reported by the China Daily in its

Plague of Locust swarms ‘high’ on serotonin


From loner to swarming locust – scientists watched the transformation unfold. It is one of nature’s most radical transformations – the moment a crowd of harmless desert locusts begins to swarm into a devastating plague. Now scientists from the UK

Contamination fears over two-headed fish


Toxic chemical contamination was the likely cause of fatal fish mutations in northern Australia in which thousands of bass larvae spawned with two heads, an expert said Wednesday. Matt Landos, an aquatic animal specialist and member of the Australian College

Pollution causes birth defects to soar in China


Birth defects in Chinese infants have soared nearly 40 per cent since 2001, a government report said, and officials linked the rise to China’s worsening environmental degradation. The rate of defects had risen from 104.9 per 10,000 births in 2001,