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UK To be Hotter Than Hawaii

BRITAIN will be hotter than Hawaii this week as summer makes a belated comeback. Forecasters say temperatures could hit nearly 83F (28C) – and the unseasonably balmy weather is set to last well into October. Please follow and like us:

Nitrate Levels Rising In Pacific


Changes in the ratio of nitrate to phosphorus in the oceans off the coasts of Korea and Japan caused by atmospheric and riverine pollutants may influence the makeup of marine plants and influence marine ecology, according to researchers from Korea

Everest Soon To Be Ice Free

Climbers and custodians of Everest say rapid climate change could soon make for an ice-free ascent of the world’s highest mountain. Their warning comes amid a new international effort to gauge the effects of climate change in the Himalayas –

Epic Scorching Drought Tests Texas


Massive droughts caused by wildfires in Texas have ravaged the environment, incited a tug of war for available water, and fundamentally changed the way of life for the state’s millions of residents. The onset of a Dust Bowl-like drought has

Arctic Ice 2nd Lowest Level Ever

The frozen Arctic has shrunk to its second lowest level since satellites began measuring it in 1979, capping a decade of “rapidly decreasing summer sea ice,” according to US scientists. The Colorado-based National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) said

Europe’s Oceans Changing Rapidly

The European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) at Orkney Islans, Scotland, is at the forefront of the development of marine-based renewables – technologies that generate electricity for homes and businesses by harnessing the power of waves and tidal streams. As the first centre of its kind to be created anywhere in the world, the center offers developers the opportunity to test full scale grid connected prototype devices in unrivalled wave and tidal conditions.

Europe’s seas are changing at an unprecedented rate as ice sheets melt, temperatures rise and marine life migrates due to climate change, a report by the Climate Change and European Marine Ecosystem Research (CLAMER) project warned. Scientists examined a mass

Texas June-August Hottest Ever

US Heat Record

Texas – It’s been a year of superlatives for Texas: worst single-year drought, largest agricultural losses and most destructive wildfires — blazes that have damaged millions of acres and more than a thousand homes. Now, as if Texans didn’t know

Arctic Ice To Disappear By 2030

OFF SVALBARD, Norway (Reuters) – Arctic sea ice cover has already shrunk to its third lowest level on record this year, in an irreversible trend which may see an ice-free summer around 2030, said the head of the world’s main

Texas Lake Turns Blood-Red

Texas Blood Lake

( A Texas lake that turned blood-red this summer may not be a sign of the End Times, but probably is the end of a popular fishing and recreation spot. A drought has left the OC Fisher Reservoir in San

Russia To Lose 33% Of Permafrost

..Russia’s vast permafrost areas may shrink by a third by the middle of the century due to global warming, endangering infrastructure in the Arctic zone, an emergencies ministry official said Friday. “In the next 25 to 30 years, the area

Children Abandoned On Roadsides


Desperate Somali mothers are abandoning their dying children by the roadside as they travel to overwhelmed emergency food centres in drought-hit eastern Africa, United Nations officials say. The UN has urged “massive” action for the drought-stricken Horn of Africa region,

Deadly Heat Wave Hits US

WASHINGTON (AFP) – A heatwave and stifling humidity battered the central and eastern United States, leaving residents searching for the coolest oasis to fend off record temperatures that have left over 20 dead. “The dangerous heatwave continues across much of