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Fukushima Leaks Radioactive Water After Etau


Flooding from Typhoon Etau has caused new leaks of contaminated water to flow from the Fukushima nuclear power station into the ocean. The incident came after a rush of water overwhelmed the site’s drainage pumps. Typhoon Etau brought lashing rains,

Fukushima Residents Carry Out Cancer Testing


Fukushima residents have taken cancer and radiation testing into their own hands, saying authorities are lying to them about the safety of their community. Please follow and like us:

Radiation Contaminates One Third Of The Earth


Dead and dying sea mammals continue to wash ashore at unusual and alarming rates along the California coast. Scientists are stumped, suggesting that the cause may be food shortages caused by abnormally warm waters – but unsure of what has

34 Meter Tsunami Could Hit Japan


TOKYO (AP)—Much of Japan’s Pacific coast could be inundated by a tsunami more than 34 meters (112 feet) high if a powerful earthquake hits offshore, according to revised estimates by a government panel. The panel of experts says any tsunami

6.4 Quake Hits Japan No Tsunami


An earthquake measuring 6.4 on the Richter scale has struck northeast Japan – the same region devastated by last year’s quake and tsunami. There have been no reports of any casualties or damage and no tsunami warning was issued. High-speed

Tsunami Ghost Ship Off Canada


A fishing boat lost during the Japanese tsunami disaster a year ago has turned up off Canada’s west coast. The 65-metre vessel was first spotted on Tuesday last week by a Canadian Forces aircraft on a routine surveillance patrol, but

Tsunami Hits Japan After 6.8 Quake


A minor tsunami has hit Japan’s north-eastern coastline, NHK television reported, after a strong earthquake rocked the region nearly a year on from Japan’s worst post-war natural disaster. The 10-centimetre wave and 6.8 magnitude quake, which struck some 210 kilometres

Japan Marks Tsunami Anniversary


Millions of people around Japan have marked the first anniversary of the massive earthquake and tsunami which devastated dozens of communities and left 19,000 people dead. Across the country, trains stopped, shoppers stood still and people fell silent at 2:46pm,

Tsunami Survivors’ Long Recovery


Video Report: Dozens of shattered communities in Japan are facing the difficult decision on whether to rebuild or relocate one year after the country’s mega tsunami. Please follow and like us:

Scientists Survey Japan Quake Zone


Scientists on Thursday launched a mission to the seabed off Japan where a massive quake triggered last year’s devastating tsunami, to get their first proper look at the buckled ocean floor. Researchers from Germany and Japan are sending high-tech vehicles