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Scientists Warn Of Water Woes

Demand for water in agriculture and energy production could spike in the coming decades while catastrophic floods and droughts strike more often, a water conference in Canada is to hear this week. “At unpredictable times, too much water will arrive

Bread prices soar in Russia

The price of Russian bread is rising sharply in Moscow as repercussions from the country’s months-long record drought start to have an impact on the cost of food supplies. In Moscow markets, the price of a loaf of bread has

Australia agriculture faces climate upheaval: scientist

Land available for agriculture in Australia, one of the world’s largest food exporters, is in danger of shrinking because of climate change, a leading scientist said on Tuesday. More grain was also likely to be grown in the north as

World’s Number of starving hits 925 million

GLOBAL numbers afflicted by acute hunger rose from 850 million to 925 million by the start of 2008 because of rising prices, the head of the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation said today. Please follow and like us:

Water shortage cripples Palestinian farming

BARDALA, West Bank (Reuters) – In the plains around the village of Bardala, the Israeli-Palestinian tug-of-war over land and water plays itself out in vivid colour — largely brown Palestinian farms border green fields owned by Jewish settlers. Please follow

Time is Running Out -Climate chaos is inevitable

Mark Lynas (Climate chaos is inevitable. We can only avert oblivion, June 12) is correct to highlight the dire lack of urgency on action to cut climate-changing emissions, but he is wrong to suggest that we ditch the UN’s Kyoto

Drought worsens in Australia

MAJOR cropping regions of NSW are in “urgent need” of rain as a greater portion of the state slips into drought, the state government has warned. Please follow and like us:

Some of the world’s deadliest natural disasters

A look at some of the deadliest natural disasters around the world in the past 40 years: Please follow and like us:

Drought closes world’s biggest cattle ranch in Australia

The world’s largest cattle ranch has been forced to sell off its livestock and mothball operations because of the severe drought gripping much of Australia. Please follow and like us:

African landmarks at threat from global warming

JOHANNESBURG (AFP) – Some of Africa’s most famous landscapes such as snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro and Lake Chad, are at risk of vanishing forever as a result of global warming, a new UN report warned Tuesday. Please follow and like us: