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Climate catastrophe to bring mass migration

Climate change is provoking mass human migration. According to scientists, 50 million people worldwide will be displaced this year because of rising sea levels, desertification, dried up aquifers, weather-induced flooding, and other severe environmental changes. A joint study by the

Oil will impact Gulf for years to come

As BP works to finally kill its runaway well and anxious coastal residents breathe a sigh of relief, experts warn it could take years — or even decades — for the Gulf of Mexico to recover. Three weeks after the

Rapid Warming of Permafrost


Permafrost warming continues throughout a wide swath of the Northern Hemisphere, according to a team of scientists assembled during the recent International Polar Year. Their extensive findings, published in the April-June 2010 edition of Permafrost and Periglacial Processes, describe the

Ice island breaks from Greenland

An ice island measuring 260 square kilometres broke off from one of Greenland’s two main glaciers, scientists say, the biggest such event in the Arctic in nearly 50 years. The new ice island, which broke off on Thursday, will enter

Bubonic and Pneumonic plagues in Peru

An outbreak of bubonic and pneumonic plague in Peru has killed a 14-year-old boy and infected at least 31 people in a northern coastal province. The plague outbreak is close to Chicama beach, a popular draw for tourists to Peru.

Methane seeping from sea bed at capped BP Site

Video Report: In the short video below, methane gas can be seen seeping from the sea bed at the BP Oil Spill site in the Gulf of Mexico. Please follow and like us:

BP cements Gulf oil well and sets up for permanent kill

BP pumped cement down its blown-out Gulf of Mexico well on Thursday, sealing it off and setting up a planned permanent kill later this month of the source of the world’s worst marine spill. The cementing operation, to continue through

10 hurricanes forecast in 2010

MIAMI (Reuters) – The Colorado State University hurricane forecasting team on Wednesday maintained its 2010 Atlantic hurricane season forecast at 10 hurricanes, five of them expected to be major. The leading storm research team, founded by hurricane forecast pioneer William

BP prepares to seal well

Engineers Saturday readied a plan to permanently seal a damaged Gulf of Mexico well, despite delays to the process caused by debris left behind by a recent tropical storm. BP hopes to drown the well in an operation dubbed a

Largest hailstone falls on Dakota


A hailstone weighing almost 2 pounds that fell on central South Dakota last Friday is the largest ever recovered in the USA, the National Weather Service announced. The cantaloupe-size chunk of ice that landed in Vivian, S.D., measures 8 inches