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Euphrates Dries Up. ISIS Fight Over Water

The “Garden of Eden” is drying up this summer. Water levels in the fabled Mesopotamian marshes of southern Iraq have reached their lowest levels since Saddam Hussein substantially drained them in the 1990s to starve their inhabitants. The reason is

Euphrates to dry up by Christmas 2025

In 2007, Redsky published an article based on an Environment Protection Agency (E.P.A.) report which had predicted the Euphrates could dry up by 2025. Here is an update: The Euphrates River is drying up. Strangled by water policies of Iraq’s

Euphrates Could Dry Up By 2025

A report released earlier this year by the United Nations Environment Protection agency (UNEP) predicts that the river Euphrates could dry up by 2025. The report indicated that due to global warming, lower rainfall and increased temperatures could cause the

Water Shortage Threatens 2 Million In Iraq

Electricity supply to Nasiriyah drops by 50% as Euphrates river dries up Two million people face life without water A water shortage described as the most critical since the earliest days of Iraq’s civilisation is threatening to leave up to

Tigris and Euphrates drying up. Violence predicted

Video : Tigris and Euphrates are drying up.