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Mega Quake & Tsunami To Hit Pacific Northwest

Experts have raised alarm that a major devastating earthquake is due to hit the U.S. Pacific Northwest, causing massive devastation from Sacramento to Portland, Seattle, and Tacoma, with loss of thousands of lives and displacement of millions. The doomsday prediction

Expert Predicts Worldwide Apocalyptic Earthquake

MASSIVE earthquakes are predicted to strike the Earth’s major fault lines at any moment, a leading expert has said. Sydney-based Dr Behzad Fatahi, who specialises in Geotechnical and Earthquake Engineering, worryingly said not a single person in the world would

Siberia Quake Could Rip Europe & Asia Apart

A WAVE of unusual seismic activity has prompted fears that a catastrophic earthquake could be on its way to Siberia which could TEAR Europe and Asia apart. Scientists have predicted the earthquake could cause widespread devastation after more than 50

Largest hailstone falls on Dakota

A hailstone weighing almost 2 pounds that fell on central South Dakota last Friday is the largest ever recovered in the USA, the National Weather Service announced. The cantaloupe-size chunk of ice that landed in Vivian, S.D., measures 8 inches

Huge Hail Hits Buildings Across South Australia

Huge hailstones, lightning, strong winds and heavy rain hit the Eyre Peninsula, west of Adelaide, on Monday morning before moving across the state. State Emergency Services (SES) west coast regional duty officer Tony Stockham said they have been have been

Quakes Build Stress Along Mega Fault Line

Feb. 4, 2009 — A bizarre form of earthquake, which happens over the course of two to three weeks but makes barely a rumble, are lending important clues to the Cascadia subduction zone in the Pacific northwest, one of the

Air Pollution Causes Bigger Hail

Air pollution hugely increases the size of hail, and thus the amount of damage it can cause to crops and property, according to a study presented at the European Conference on Severe Storms. The interaction of man-made particles with airborne