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Swine Flu Doubles In Venezuela

CARACAS, Venezuela – Venezuelan health officials say the number of confirmed swine flu cases in the country has risen to more than 400 people. Health Minister Eugenia Sader says the 415 people have been diagnosed with swine flu in 19

Cholera Epidemic Kills 60 In Ghana

ACCRA (Reuters) – A cholera epidemic in Ghana has killed 60 people and infected almost 4,000 since the first cases emerged last September, with 482 new cases reported this week alone, health authorities said on Friday. The outbreak, which started

Fungus Turns Ants Into Zombies


Researchers combing the rainforests of Brazil have uncovered four new species of fungi that turn ants into zombies. Although it is not the first time the fungi has been seen affecting ants, the discovery of four distinct species in close

Rabies Claims 124 Lives In Bali

Health workers pull a coffin bearing the body of Ayu Srinadi from the intensive care room at Sanglah hospital in Denpasar on Bali island, 21 August 2007. Twenty-eight year-old Indonesian woman Ayu Srinadi suspected of being infected with the bird flu virus died on the resort island of Bali on 21 August, a health ministry official said. AFP PHOTO/Sonny TUMBELAKA (Photo credit should read SONNY TUMBELAKA/AFP/Getty Images)

Denpasar. Despite an ongoing canine vaccination campaign, rabies has claimed the lives of three people in four days on the resort island of Bali, a health official said on Wednesday. Ketut Karnu, a 62-year-old from Bunutin village in Karangasem district,

Livestock Diseases Ravage Africa

New assessments from International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) have spelt out how livestock diseases present ‘double trouble’ in developing countries where increasing numbers of domestic livestock and more resource-intensive production methods are encouraging animal epidemics. Please follow and like us:

Leprosy & Cholera in New York

When New York City’s health department revealed last weekend that three people had contracted cholera, it was a reminder that the city is not just a world capital of arts, business and the like — but also of exotic diseases.

Dengue Fever Hits Queensland

The number of cases of dengue fever in cyclone-hit north Queensland has more than doubled this week. Authorities say they have identified 15 cases of the mosquito-borne illness in East Innisfail. Two different strains are present in the town. Please

China Swine Flu Claims 20 Lives

BEIJING (AFP) – At least 20 people have died of swine flu in China this year, the health ministry said, but officials said there was no reason to panic even as the flu season reaches its peak. The fatalities from

Bali Battles Legionnare’s and Rabies

Bali. Indonesia is investigating reports of an outbreak of Legionnaire’s disease on the resort island of Bali, an official said on Tuesday after 10 Australians returned home with the disease. Bali health department chief Nyoman Sutedja said the Australian government

Disease Threatens N Korea’s Food

There are reports North Korea is suffering from an outbreak of foot and mouth disease, which threatens to exacerbate already dire food shortages. South Korea’s Yonhap newspaper is quoting an intelligence official as saying that the North is unable to