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Despair as drought cripples ‘Australia’s Mississippi’

Farmer Mazzareno Bisogni fights back tears as he stands among the remains of trees he planted 35 years ago, victims of a drought hitting “Australia’s Mississippi”. Bisogni’s orchard lies in the heart of the once-mighty Murray-Darling river system which irrigates

Indian drought threatens rice, sugar output

In vast parched swathes of rural India, farmers are eyeing with despair their bone-dry fields as they face the grim prospect of drought. The so-called “rain deficit” or shortfall for the monsoon, which sweeps across the subcontinent from June to

Cattle, Crop Losses Mount in Texas Drought


DALLAS, A vast swathe of Texas remains in the grip of a scorching drought, which has cost billions of dollars and is cleaving America’s largest beef cattle herd. One county has seen its entire cotton harvest wiped out and losses

5 million Zimbabweans face starvation

HARARE, Zimbabwe (CNN) — The “humanitarian situation remains serious” in Zimbabwe amid cholera, starvation and a continuing economic crisis, a United Nations official said Wednesday at a World Humanitarian Day ceremony in Harare. The cholera epidemic in Zimbabwe resulted in

Half of India affected by extreme drought

Below normal monsoon rains have been responsible for the drought Nearly half of India’s districts have been hit by drought that could affect the production of rice, the country’s farm minister has said. Sharad Pawar said 246 districts in 10

Mekong Delta may be inundated by rising sea

More than a third of the Mekong Delta in Vietnam, where nearly half of the country’s rice is grown, will be submerged if sea levels rise by 1 meter (39 inches), an environment ministry scenario predicted. A sea level increase

Asia facing unprecedented food shortage, UN report says

Major investment in irrigation systems needed to feed population expected to grow by 1.5 billion over next 40 years The UN has said that billions of dollars will be needed to improve irrigation in Asia. Asia faces an unprecedented food

Drought and Famine: Ethiopia’s deadly Cycle Continues

As Ethiopia remains caught in a deadly cycle of drought and famine, aid agencies warn that erratic rainfall and ever-rising food costs are compounding the problems carried over from last year’s drought to leave 6.2 million people in need of

Expanding Drought problems envelop Syria

The drought, which began in 2008, came shortly after an even more severe drought the previous two years. Rainfall totals were 15 percent to 30 percent of average for most grain-producing areas in the 2008-09 growing season. This was after

Radical rethink urged over food

A “radical rethink” of the way the UK produces and consumes food is needed, Environment Secretary Hilary Benn has warned as the Government publishes an assessment outlining the threats to the security of what we eat. The assessment showed that