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And The Seas Can Turn Into Blood


Blooms of toxic algae can occur in the open ocean, a team led by UC Santa Cruz and Moss Landing Marine Lab scientists reported last week. Once thought to be a problem plaguing only the coast, causing fisheries closures and

Belgium: Worst Floods in 50 Years

Video Report: Authorities called in the army to help with evacuations Sunday after heavy rain caused severe flooding in southwestern Belgium. Please follow and like us:

30,000 Indonesians Trudge Home

Yogyakarta. Thousands of families returned to their villages on Monday even as scientists warned that Mount Merapi remained a threat and more bodies were found buried in the ash. Carrying their belongings on motorcycles and in pickup trucks, more than

Locusts Reap Crops Before Farmers

The South Australian Farmers Federation president, Peter White, says locusts are starting to eat crops before they can be harvested. Aerial spraying was cancelled on Friday and Saturday because of rain but will continue through the week. Please follow and

China’s Carbon Footprint Grows

The spread of consumerism among China’s burgeoning middle class is behind the rapid growth of the Asian giant’s environmental footprint, a conservation group said Monday. Demand for construction, transport, goods and public services are the key factors behind ballooning carbon

Three Explosions at Anak Krakatau

Hundred of Anyer villagers panicked after three big explosions were heard from Mount Anak Krakatau on early Sunday morning. ‘We are quite sure that the explosions came from Anak Krakatau. I heard those terrible sounds myself,” Cikoneng resident Mumut, said

Sea Level Rise Foretold in Glacier

Tasiilaq, Greenland. From a helicopter hovering over the vast landscape of Greenland, oceanographer Fiammetta Straneo and her colleagues are attempting to answer one of the most urgent — and most widely debated — questions facing humanity: How fast is the

Chinese Man Battles Lake Pollution

ZHOUTIE, China — You smell the lake before you see it, an overwhelming stench like rotten eggs mixed with manure. The visuals are just as bad, the shore caked with toxic blue-green algae. Farther out, where the algae is more

Haiti’s Cholera Claims over 900

Health officials in Haiti are warning the deadly cholera outbreak, which has killed more than 900 people, is intensifying. The disease has also infected at least 14,000 more people in the past month, but officials say that number could rise

Climate Science “Under-Reported”

Less than 10 percent of the articles written about last year’s Copenhagen climate summit dealt primarily with the science of climate change, a study showed on Monday. Based on analysis of 400 articles written about the December 2009 summit, the

Does The World End in 2012? – NO

The short answer to this question is NO. The World will not end in 2012. This silly concept has been brought about by a “so called prophecy” of The Mayan people of South America. However, no such prophecy exists and

More Bodies Found at Mount Merapi

Rescuers digging through several feet (a meter) of ash discovered nine more bodies on the slopes of Mount Merapi, whose explosive eruption a week ago buried whole villages. As confirmation of more deaths trickled in Sunday, the toll from a