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20 missing in Columbian mudslide

Video Report: At least 20 people are missing in Colombia after a mudslide swept over people changing from one bus to another because an earlier slide was blocking a mountain road. Please follow and like us:

Fresh food prices could soar

A food security summit in Brisbane is hearing prices are expected to increase by up to 50 per cent over the next 10 years, making fresh food unattainable for some people. Forum chairman Professor Geoffrey Lawrence says the price of

Over half of spilled oil still in Gulf

Over half the oil released from a busted BP well remains in the Gulf of Mexico, a presidential panel has been told, contrary to government claims, as the US pointman lamented a “dysfunctional” response to the disaster. Interior Secretary Ken

L.A.’s hottest day ever recorded

How hot was it? The National Weather Service’s thermometer downtown reached 113 degrees for the first time since records began being kept in 1877 — and then stopped working. The record highs follow a summer of record lows. It was

Wisconsin park becomes an island

PORTAGE, Wis. – Flood waters from the burgeoning Wisconsin River turned a rural neighborhood into a virtual island Monday, cutting off dozens of homes from the outside world. The river was seeping through and surging around a levee protecting the

Plague of locusts takes to the sky

The fight against the biggest plague locust infestation in decades is about to step up a notch. The New South Wales Government is preparing to spray hundreds of square kilometres of locusts in what will be one of the biggest

US commission probes Gulf oil spill

An independent commission set up by US President Barack Obama kicked off a two-day meeting in Washington Monday to probe the massive oil spill from a wrecked BP-leased rig in the Gulf of Mexico. The commission — which hears from

Strong quake strikes southern Iran

A powerful earthquake rocked southern Iran on Monday, Iranian and US seismologists said, but there was no immediate word on any casualties or damage. The Tehran University Geophysics Department measured the quake at 6.1 on the Richter scale, state television

Big brands and the eco-revolution

Poisonous pesticides, soil pollution and water waste: high-street fashion has a lot to answer for in the environmental game. But can big brands use their global clout to drive the green revolution? If green is the new black on the

30,000 Quakes caused by volcano

A swarm of small earthquakes that struck western Saudi Arabia last year was the rumbling of a volcano, geologists reported on Sunday. More than 30,000 minor quakes occurred between April and June 2009 within an ancient solidified lava field called