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Chinese Dairy Sold Toxic Milk

BEIJING – A Chinese dairy company executive and six other people were arrested after authorities discovered 26 tons of milk powder tainted with a toxic chemical, the latest incident highlighting the country’s enduring struggle with food safety, a report said

BP’s Gulf of Mexico well is ‘dead’

US officials have finally declared BP’s broken oil well in the Gulf of Mexico “dead”, five months after the deadly explosion that set off one of the costliest and largest environmental disasters ever. Retired admiral Thad Allen, the US official

Sabaki River Poisoning Rises

Nairobi — The national environmental agency has been asked to take immediate action as contamination levels in Sabaki River rises. The river water is turning green and more fish are dying. Malindi district environment officer Samuel Nganga is worried about

BP well to be sealed by Saturday

BP was set Saturday to cap a months-long effort to end the worst maritime oil spill in history with a death choke that will permanently seal its ruptured Gulf of Mexico well. The British energy giant began pumping cement into

3,634 Dead birds collected in Gulf, wildlife service says

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for the first time is breaking down the species of oiled birds collected – alive and dead – in the Gulf of Mexico since the April 20 BP well blowout. As of Tuesday, 4,676

US Orders Idle Wells Plugged In Gulf Of Mexico

The United States on Wednesday ordered oil and gas firms to permanently plug nearly 3,500 unused wells and dismantle hundreds of idle platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, in a bid to shore up industry safety after the disastrous BP

Long-delayed BP well kill back on in Gulf of Mexico

BP began drilling Monday the final stretch of a relief well that will allow engineers to permanently seal its disastrous Macondo well in the Gulf of Mexico. Drilling stopped more than a month ago due to the threat posed by

Protesters condemn ‘dirty oil’ at World Energy Congress

Hundreds of protesters demonstrated in the streets of Montreal Sunday, calling for an end to “dirty, risky” oil exploration, ahead of a global gathering of energy experts. A dozen protesters covered in molasses staged a “Black Tide Beach Party,” while

Contamination leaves 1.2 million Malaysians without water

More than 1.2 million Malaysians were without piped water Tuesday, authorities said, as contamination from a landfill forced a treatment plant to close. National water distribution company Syabas said it was sending water trucks and tanks to residents in the

Experts to Assess Acid Mine Water

Pretoria — A team of experts is expected to assess the extent of acid mine drainage in the country and report back to an inter-ministerial committee appointed by Minister of Water Affairs Bulelwa Sonjica. Cabinet last month mandated the minister