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China riot: 10,000 villagers clash with police over industrial pollution

Up to 10,000 Chinese villagers have clashed with police in eastern China in the latest incident in a wave of social unrest caused by fears over industrial pollution. The riot in the eastern coastal province of Fujian comes a week

Climate computer under a cloud

The Met Office headquarters has been named as one of Britain’s worst public buildings for pollution – due to a £30 million supercomputer used to predict climate change. The giant IBM machine fills two special halls the size of two

U.S. finds water polluted near gas-drilling sites

U.S. government scientists have for the first time found chemical contaminants in drinking water wells near natural gas drilling operations, fueling concern that a gas-extraction technique is endangering the health of people who live close to drilling rigs. The Environmental

Toxic Brown Cloud covers Asia and Pacific


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300 children sick with lead poisoning in China

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China shuts factory after lead poisons children

China has closed a factory in its northwest which is suspected of causing lead poisoning in more than 300 children, state media said on Wednesday. China’s pollution and lax product safety standards have long been a source of tension and

Beijing’s smog is back year after Olympics

Amid fears the city’s chronic smog could damage athlete’s health, Beijing took drastic steps to prevent that last August, moving or cleaning up polluting factories, curbing traffic, and ordering a halt to all construction work. State-of-the-art facilities like the “Bird’s

Hundreds sickened by China chemical plant

More than 500 people have been sickened by pollution from a chemical plant in central China that has also been blamed for two deaths, state media reported Monday. Health checks on nearly 3,000 people living near the plant in Liuyang

Taiwan coral reefs “turn black” with disease

Coral reefs off the southeast coast of Taiwan have turned black with disease possibly due to sewage discharge, threatening fragile undersea ecosystems and tourism, a study released on Friday said. The discovery on a problem long suspected but seldom documented

China blames pollution as birth defects rise


BEIJING (AFP) – Every 30 seconds a baby is born with physical defects in China, partly due to the country’s deteriorating environment, state media said, citing a senior family planning official. The figure, reported by the China Daily in its

CO2 Pollution ‘Turning Oceans Into Acid’


Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions must fall sharply to avoid inflicting acid damage to the world’s marine ecosystems, more than 150 scientists warned Friday. Acidification of ocean waters caused by greenhouse gases is already wreaking havoc on coral ecosystems and will

Australia cracks down on Great Barrier Reef pollution

Australia announced a crackdown on pollution of the Great Barrier Reef Thursday as the World Heritage-listed site comes under increasing threat from toxic chemicals and climate change. Farmers who allow pesticides and fertilisers to run off into the seas around