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Anti Nuclear Protest In Taiwan

Around 2,000 anti-nuclear protesters demonstrated in Taiwan on Sunday, demanding an immediate halt to the construction of an atomic power plant. The march comes amid a crisis in Japan after a huge quake on March 11 unleashed a tsunami which

Anti Nuclear Demos Across Spain

Hundreds of people took part in protests held across Spain Thursday to demand the closure of the country’s six nuclear power stations after Japan’s nuclear accident following a massive earthquake. Demonstrators, many wearing masks or holding signs that read “No

Germany Sticks With Biofuels

The German government said after crisis talks on Tuesday it was sticking with a newly introduced petrol with a 10-percent biofuel content despite major problems since its introduction last month. “We need to reduce our dependency on oil,” Environment Minister

Protestors Murdered In Paradise

For tourists the Philippine island of Palawan seems like paradise, but for environment activists it feels more akin to a battlefield. Murders and threats on what is promoted as the Southeast Asian nation’s last ecological frontier are emblematic of a

100’s Detained In German Protest

German police Wednesday said they detained hundreds of anti-nuclear protestors who tried to block the departure of a cross-country shipment of nuclear waste. The activists tried to get in the way of an 80-metre (260-foot), five-carriage train carrying some 60

Japan Suspends Antarctic Whaling

Japanese whalers have suspended their Antarctic hunt, citing harassment by environmentalists, and are considering ending their annual mission early, a fisheries agency official says. Activists from the US-based environmental group Sea Shepherd have pursued and harassed the Japanese fleet for

Greek Landfill Collapses Into Sea

Waters off the Greek island of Andros were choked with garbage on Monday after a landfill was flushed into the sea in an environmental disaster indicative of Greece’s chronic waste management woes. The island’s deputy mayor Lefteris Ballas said strong

Whalers And Activists Clash At Sea

Video Report: Japanese whalers release video of what they say is Sea Shepherd Conservation Society attacking a ship. Maryam Ishani reports. Please follow and like us:

Along Sega Eco Warrior Dies

Along Sega, one of the last nomadic tribesmen of Borneo who won fame for his battle to save the forests and traditional lifestyle of his Penan people, has died aged in his 70s. Jailed twice for his struggle against the

Money Before Nature Will Be Costly

Indoenesia: The government’s pursuit of increased revenue at the expense of environmental conservation could see the number of water pollution cases nationwide increase by 50 percent to 70 percent this year, activists say. The Indonesian Forum for the Environment (Walhi)