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Climate Change Brings Malnutrition

JOHANNESBURG, 25 November 2010 (IRIN) – In another four decades, higher average global temperatures will lead to water stress, causing food production and access to fall, which will drive an additional 24 million children into hunger, says the Intergovernmental Panel

Greenhouse Gases at Record Levels

The World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) says concentrations of the main greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have reached their highest level since pre-industrial times. Concentrations of the gases continued to build up in 2009 – the latest year of observations –

2010 To Be Hottest Year On Record

This year is so far tied for the hottest year in a temperature record dating back to 1850 in a new sign of a warming trend, the three major institutes which calculate global warming estimates told Reuters. U.N. climate talks

NASA Says Earth’s Lakes are Warming

The Earth’s largest lakes have warmed up over the past 25 years in response to climate change, the US space agency said Tuesday, announcing the first such global study of its kind. Scientists Philipp Schneider and Simon Hook of NASA’s

China World’s Biggest Polluter

China acknowledged on Tuesday that it is the world’s biggest greenhouse gas emitter, as it called on the United States to ensure climate change talks opening next week make progress. Speaking at a briefing ahead of the UN talks in

A Million Sharks Killed Yearly

At least 1.3 million sharks, many listed as endangered, were harvested from the Atlantic in 2008 by industrial-scale fisheries unhampered by catch or size limits, according to a tally released Monday. The actual figure may be several fold higher due

Carbon Emissions on The Increase

Emissions of fossil-fuel gases that stoke climate change edged back less than hoped in 2009 as falls in advanced economies were largely outweighed by rises in China and India, scientists said Sunday. For 2010, emissions are likely to resume their

Scientists: It’s Going to Get Worse


Hungry polar bears gathering along the tundra, twice as many record-breaking temperatures and stronger hurricanes are among the latest signs of climate change, scientists say. And we can expect more rain, more drought and fiercer storms in the future if

World Fish Stock Less Than Thought

A yardstick for estimating ocean fish stocks, many of which are under intensifying pressure from industrial trawling, is badly flawed, a study released Wednesday said. As a result, global stocks of some commercially valuable top predators — including certain species

India Faces Climate Catastrophe

NEW DELHI, Nov. 17 (UPI) — India could become 3.8 degrees Fahrenheit warmer by 2030 compared to 1970s levels, leading to changes in rainfall patterns and more severe floods and droughts, a new study says. The “Climate Change and India: