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Merapi Eruption Could Last Weeks

Indonesia’s most dangerous volcano showed no sign of tiring Tuesday, belching clouds of black smoke as fiery lava lit up its cauldron. Scientists warned that the slow but deadly eruption could continue for weeks, like a “marathon, not a sprint.”

Grimsvoetn Volcano About to Erupt

An Icelandic volcano has shown signs it could be about to burst into life, just months after an eruption from another volcano caused Europe’s biggest air shutdown since World War II, experts said Monday. “The water levels have tripled in

Twin Disasters Kill Nearly 500

Video Report: Indonesia’s most volatile volcano spewed searing clouds of debris for hours early Monday. So far, no new casulties are reported. The volcano and last week’s tsunami have killed nearly 500 people in this island nation. Please follow and

Evacuation as Merapi Erupts Again

Yogyakarta. The refugees at the Glagahardjo shelter in Sleman, Yogyakarta, were evacuated after Mount Merapi erupted again on Monday morning. There was some difficulty in the evacuation, however, because most of the women initially refused to leave. They were waiting

Krakatoa: Will History Repeat Itself


As Anak Krakatau continues to erupt in the Sunda Strait, could we see a repeat of what happened 127 years ago? Here’s a reminder. The best known eruption of Krakatoa culminated in a series of massive explosions on August 26–27,

Panic as Merapi Spews More Ash

Indonesia’s most active volcano which claimed at least 36 lives last week has spewed more searing clouds of gas and ash, triggering fresh panic among locals. Azis, an official at the volcanology office in the central Java city of Yogyakarta,

Indonesia: Krakatoa is Erupting

Video Report: Indonesia’s Anak Krakatau volcano in Sunda Strait, straddling East Java and Sumatra, has spewed ash and flaming rocks. Krakatoa erupted and blew apart in 1883 sending tsunamis as high as 151ft crashing into local islands and some which

Thick Ash Cloud Hits Indonesia

The new eruption of the Merapi vulcano lasted more than 20 minutes this morning. The ashcloud reached Yogyakarta, 25 km away. People in the city started to experience respiratory problems. The Volcanology Technology Development and Study (BPPTK) Agency in Yogyakarta

Anak Krakatau Ready to Blow

Mount Anak Krakatau, located in the waters of the Sunda Strait continues to demonstrate its activity with two or alert level status. While Dempo still active volcano normal. In addition to experiencing seismicity, Mount Anak Krakatau also continue to release

Latest Merapi Eruption Biggest Yet

Yogyakarta. Geologists have confirmed that Mount Merapi’s eruption early on Saturday morning was its biggest this week, spreading ashfall all the way to Yogyakarta, some 30 kilometers away. Sri Sumarti, the Merapi section head at the Volcano Investigation and Technology