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UN Chief’s warning – the end of the world is nigh

We have just four months. Four months to secure the future of our planet.” UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has such a low profile on the world stage that he’s referred to as “the invisible man”. Perhaps in an effort

India blames Kyoto failure for climate stand off

India said Thursday it was committed to fighting climate change but called developed nations’ failure to implement the Kyoto Protocol the “single biggest issue” facing multilateral talks. Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh reiterated India’s desire to reach a global agreement at

Australian Senate votes down emission trading scheme

The Australian Senate on Thursday rejected an emissions trading scheme that aims to cut carbon pollution by up to 25 percent over the next decade, paving the way for a possible early election. The conservative opposition joined forces with the

Climate talks risk failure unless they accelerate

U.N. talks on a new climate treaty due to be agreed in December risk failure unless negotiations accelerate, a senior U.N. official said on Friday after a sluggish week-long session among 180 nations. Negotiators made scant progress at the Aug

China says rich up pressure on poor over climate

China accused rich nations at U.N. climate talks on Thursday of increasing pressure on the poor to do more to combat global warming while shirking their own responsibility to lead. “There has been a general feeling of unhappiness about the

Climate change an Australian security threat

Australia faces more intense and frequent heatwaves, wildfires, cyclones and floods, with climate change becoming a threat to national security, a think-tank warned Tuesday. The impacts of global warming were already making themselves felt, much faster and with greater ferocity

Rich nations offer 15-21 percent CO2 cuts by 2020: U.N.

Industrialized nations excluding the United States are planning cuts in greenhouse gas emissions of between 15 and 21 percent below 1990 levels by 2020 under a new U.N. climate pact, official data showed on Tuesday. The numbers, issued to delegates

New Zealand sets greenhouse gas reduction at 10-20 pct

New Zealand has set a target of reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by between 10 and 20 percent from 1990 levels, the government announced Monday, according to press reports. The target, which falls short of demands by environmentalists, would be

Climate change to challenge US military

Climate change will pose profound strategic challenges to the United States in coming decades, raising the prospect of military intervention to deal with the effects of violent storms, drought, mass migration and pandemics, The New York Times reported. Citing military

Greenpeace pressures North America leaders on climate

Greenpeace activists climbed a main monument in the Mexican City of Guadalajara Saturday in a bid to push climate change up the agenda of talks between North American leaders here this weekend. President Felipe Calderon will host Canadian Prime Minister