The 100 Year Battle Of Fukushima

A nuclear expert has warned that it might be 100 years before melting fuel rods can be safely removed from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant. The warning came as levels of radioactive iodine flushed into the sea near the plant spiked

UN Climate Talks Start In Bangkok

The first UN climate talks of the year in Bangkok this week look to hammer out tough details of a global pact that has offered hope in the fight against global warming. The six days of talks, which begin Sunday

Radioactive Cabbages In Singapore

Singapore has told the UN nuclear watchdog some cabbages imported from Japan had radiation levels up to nine times the levels recommended for international trade. “The Singapore authorities sent reports on measurements in food imported from Japan, namely cabbages …

Grim Search Continues In Japan

Thousands of Japanese and US troops have launched an intensive air and sea operation to recover bodies of those killed in the huge earthquake and tsunami that ravaged north-east Japan three weeks ago. The grim search came as the government

Half Of All Mangroves Are Now Gone

Mangroves, which have declined by up to half over the last 50 years, are an important bulkhead against climate change, a study released on Sunday has shown for the first time. Destruction of these tropical coastal woodlands accounts for about

Radioactive Water Pours Into Sea

Japanese workers struggling to contain a crisis at a crippled nuclear plant discovered a crack in a pit leaking highly radioactive water straight into the sea, the firm operating the facility said. In a discovery regulators said might explain the

Japan Crisis Worse Than Chernobyl

JAPAN’S unfolding nuclear disaster is “much bigger than Chernobyl” and could rewrite the international scale used to measure the severity of atomic accidents, a Russian expert says. “Chernobyl was a dirty bomb explosion. The next dirty bomb is Fukushima and

Caterpillars Invade Java Villages

Surabaya. East Java’s deputy governor has ordered officials to prepare for possible evacuations in areas hit by a caterpillar outbreak, a report said on Friday. Saifullah Yusuf also requested authorities to monitor the situation in Probolinggo district, where villages were

Tennessee Storms A Federal Disaster

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -The severe storm that brought tornadoes, hail and flooding to Tennessee was declared a major disaster by President Barack Obama, making federal money available for recovery efforts. The storm that caused four deaths by March 1 featured flash

Japan PM To Visit Nuke Zone

Japan’s prime minister is travelling to the country’s nuclear disaster zone as workers continue to brave radiation from the crippled Fukushima Daiichi plant to battle the world’s worst atomic crisis since Chernobyl. Naoto Kan is due to visit a sports