Rising Seas Flood Marshalls Islands


Extreme high tides have flooded parts of the low-lying Marshall Islands capital Majuro with a warning Sunday of worse to come because of rising sea levels. Several areas of the city were flooded Saturday and forecasters predicted more to come

Scientists Doubt Gulf Methane Claim


WASHINGTON (AFP) – Scientists on Thursday cast doubt on a study that claimed bacteria ate nearly all the methane that leaked after the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, saying its methods were flawed. Describing the findings as

The Seas Are Turning To “Blood”


WASHINGTON (AFP) – — Global warming could spur the growth of toxic algae and bacteria in the world’s seas and lakes, with an impact that could be felt in 10 years, US scientists have said. Studies have shown that shifts

Australia: Homes Flood With Sewage

Daly River residents south of Darwin are evacuating their community as sewage and floodwaters inundate homes. The Daly River reached 14.9 metres overnight and Emergency Services are urging the community’s 300 residents to leave.

5-1 Earthquake Hits Baja Mexico

YUMA, Ariz. — The National Earthquake Center in Golden, Colo., says a preliminary magnitude 5.1 earthquake struck Baja, Mexico, south of San Luis, Arizona. Seismologist John Bellini tells The Associated Press the quake hit 12 miles from Guadalupe Victoria, Mexico.

Norway Oil Spill Injures 200 Birds

As many as 200 oil-stained birds have been found after an Icelandic cargo ship ran aground last week and began leaking fuel inside Norway’s only marine natural reserve, authorities said Sunday. “Yesterday I saw around 50 injured birds… And today

Fewer Big Fish in The Sea

Fewer big, predatory fish are swimming in the world’s oceans because of overfishing by humans, leaving smaller fish to thrive and double in force over the past 100 years, scientists have said. Big fish such as cod, tuna, and groupers

“iPhone” Poisoned Factory Workers

Technology giant Apple has admitted that some of its workers in China have been poisoned and that many are regularly working in unsafe conditions. Apple says the revelations are proof that its audit processes are effective and the company says

Three Norway Skiers Freeze To Death

POLICE say rescuers have found the bodies of three skiers believed to have frozen to death in the mountains of southwestern Norway. Police spokesman Egil Eriksen says the victims have not been identified but are believed to be from another

Quake Shakes Vancouver Island

An earthquake hit Vancouver Island and Salt Spring Island Tuesday morning, almost three weeks after The Great British Columbia Shake Out, aimed to educate the public on what to do during an earthquake. There was some shaking and waking happening