2,000 Flee as Storms Hit California

California Storm

LOS ANGELES – A storm pounding California with record rain forced authorities in the San Joaquin Valley to order 2,000 residents to evacuate the farming community of McFarland due to major flooding. An estimated 400 to 500 homes were in

Guatemala Volcano Ready to Blow

One of Guatemala’s active volcanoes, Fuego, is rumbling at a greater-than-usual rate, the emergency services office said Saturday. The volcano is seeing 12-15 small explosive events per hour, the office said, citing a report from the National Seismological Institute.

Devastating Floods Hit W Australia

Authorities say floods in Western Australia’s Gascoyne region have caused widespread damage to crops and pastoral stations. A station owner at Mooloo Downs, more than 200 kilometres east of Carnarvon, expects to have lost a significant number of cattle.

Rivers of Fire in Mexico Blast

A massive blast along a state-owned pipeline in central Mexico killed 27 people, injured 52 others, and engulfed dozens of homes in a raging inferno, officials said. Puebla state secretary Valentin Meneses said the pre-dawn explosion occurred along the Petroleos

Lightning Blows 4m Holes in Roofs

Lightning blasted holes up to four metres wide in Melbourne house roofs as a severe storm hit the city’s south-east overnight. Emergency services responded to about 40 calls for assistance at Aspendale as a severe storm and waves of heavy

Anti Whaling Sea Shepherd Sets Sail

The newest addition to the Sea Shepherd anti-whaling fleet is due to leave Hobart this morning for the Southern Ocean. The 30 metre monohull and its crew of 11 have spent the past two weeks preparing for the campaign against

Religious Offerings Pollute Ganges

Video Report: Residents living along the historic Ganges River in eastern India complain water pollution is on the rise. David Botti reports.

UK Snow Chaos: Heathrow Shut

Passengers have been forced to sleep overnight in airport terminals around the country as heavy snow continues to cause chaos across Britain’s transport networks. Heathrow airport has announced that it will not accept any new plane arrivals on Sunday and

Australia: Locals Rescued From Roof

Thirty people have been rescued by helicopter from the roof of a property near Gascoyne Junction, 950 kilometres north of Perth, as flooding continues in parts of Western Australia. Another six people were rescued after becoming stranded at Yalgoo, east

37 Dead as Bangladesh Boat Sinks

AFP – Rescuers searched for survivors after an overcrowded boat carrying around 150 people capsized on a river in northeastern Bangladesh leaving at least 37 dead, all of them women and children. Local police chief Jane Alam said most passengers

Storms May Flood California

LOS ANGELES – A series of winter storms bearing down on California Saturday was threatening parts of the state with flooding, and officials were posting mudflow warnings in areas recently affected by wildfires ahead of this weekend’s rains. Southern California

Inside The Doomsday Vault

Video Report: You may have heard of the ‘Doomsday Vault’ hidden away in Norway – but do you know what’s inside? Time to find out…