UK. Earthquake Shakes Cumbria

Residents in Cumbria reported that items fell from shelves and walls during the tremor. The British Geological Survey confirmed that an earthquake of local magnitude 3.5, the term seismologists prefer to the Richter scale, took place shortly before 11pm centred

Future Damage of Toxic Sludge

A leading French environmental group warned Tuesday that October’s toxic mud spill in Hungary could cause long-term damage and called for a broad European effort to monitor its effects. “We are concerned for the mid- and long-term,” Charlotte Nithart, the

Japan Quake & Tsunami Update


A major 7.4-magnitude quake struck southern Japan on Wednesday, the US Geological Survey (USGS) said, with people in nearby coastal regions told to evacuate as a half-metre wave rolled in. Japan’s meteorological agency had downgraded a tsunami alert to a

7.4 Quake: Tsunami Hits Japan

TOKYO (AFP) – Scores of villagers on a remote Japanese island chain scrambled for higher ground after a major 7.4-magnitude offshore quake early Wednesday sparked a tsunami alert that was later downgraded. Waves of 30 centimetres (one foot) hit the

UK Swine Flu: 300 in Intensive Care

More than 300 people are in intensive care with flu in England, Government figures have shown. It is unclear how many of the 302 patients have swine flu but they are thought to be in the majority.

Snow Chaos Causes Travel Backlog

Freezing conditions are continuing to bring misery for people using Britain’s airports and rail network – with forecasters predicting no respite until Boxing Day. Airport operator BAA has warned of more delays and cancellations at Heathrow, possibly until after Christmas

Harsh Winters Driven by Warming

Counter-intuitive but true, say scientists: a string of freezing European winters scattered over the last decade has been driven in large part by global warming. The culprit, according to a new study, is the Arctic’s receding surface ice, which at

Hanoi: 47 Sailors Missing in Storm

HANOI – FORTY-SEVEN Vietnamese sailors were missing, most of them from a cargo ship and a fishing vessel, and six others were confirmed dead after storms hit the South China Sea, officials said on Tuesday. A source at the national

5.8 Earthquake Hits Yogyakarta

A 5.8 magnitude earthquake hit Yogyakarta at about 10:50 a.m. on Tuesday, the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency said. According to the agency better known as BMKG, the epicenter was 16 kilometers deep and located at 140 kilometers southeast of

Wikileaks: BP’s Other Oil Disaster

A BP offshore oil platform suddenly shows signs of a potentially devastating leak. Bubbles form in the seawater. Alarms sound. Panicked oil workers flee the rig. That may sound like the moments that preceded last April’s Deepwater Horizon explosion in