Big Earthquake Below Sumatra

Deep powerful but probably harmless earthquake happened 30 minutes ago at 4:55 AM. The earthquake will probably wake up a lot of people. Epicenter near Tembusai Utara. 87 km SE Padang sidempuan (pop 100,561).

Ash Wrecks Indonesian Farmland

Rivers of mud and rocks, and clouds of hot ash, have devastated farmland in Central Java, Indonesia. The region is short of fruit and vegetables, after a month of eruptions from Mount Merapi volcano.

Mine blast: Six Hours Till Rescue

Rescuers will be forced to wait at least six hours before they are able to enter the Pike River coal mine, where 29 miners remain trapped after a large explosion yesterday afternoon. Rescue efforts may be hampered by weather after

Tsunami Wave Was 17 Meters High


Jakarta. The tsunami that devastated the Mentawai Islands off West Sumatra last month featured waves much larger than would normally have been expected from the magnitude 7.7 earthquake that spawned it, according to a tsunami expert. Jose Borrero, from ASR

Merapi: 80,000 Return to Red Alert

Yogyakarta. Tens of thousands of villagers have already returned to their homes on the slopes of Mount Merapi after authorities reduced the danger zone around the volcano to up to five kilometers following a slowing of its activities. Surono, head

US Could Face “CO2” Trade Boycott

A British climate change economist at the heart of international negotiations seeking a greenhouse gas deal said Friday that the US faces a trade boycott if it fails to rein in its carbon emissions. Lord Nicholas Stern, author of the

Rare Earthquake Felt in Hong Kong

HONG KONG, Friday 19 November 2010 (AFP) – A rare earthquake rattled Hong Kong on Friday, prompting alarmed residents to call local authorities to report feeling the tremor, officials said. There were no reports of any damage or casualties as

New Zealand. Blast Traps Miners

Video Report: An explosion at the Pike River coal mine has left more than 30 workers unaccounted for on New Zealand’s South Island. It is not known if Methane Gas was to blame.

27 Miners Missing in NZ Mine Blast

A rescue team preparing to search for 27 men trapped inside a collapsed West Coast mine are still assessing the safety of conditions inside the mine. The rescue team was trying to make sure the vents were clear as there

Liberian City Falling to Rising Seas


The Superintendent of Grand Bassa County, Julia Duncan Cassell, has renewed calls to save Buchanan, the county’s capital, from sea erosion, in the wake of unrelenting encroachments and gradual reduction and deformation of the City’s size and shape by the