Canada: The Black Plague found in Saskatchewan gopher populations

VAL MARIE, SASK.—The plague has been found amongst the prairie dog populations in Saskatchewan’s Grasslands National Park, but staff say the risk the notorious disease poses to people is “very low.” The plague, which killed millions during the Middle Ages,

Giant Greenland iceberg a climate ‘warning sign’

A giant iceberg that snapped away from Greenland last week is a signal that global warming is causing the island’s continent-sized ice cap to melt faster than expected, scientists say. The 250-square-kilometre (100-square-mile) chunk, four times the size of Manhattan,

Cholera strikes amid Pakistani flood disaster

SUKKUR, Pakistan – The deadly, waterborne disease cholera has surfaced in flood-ravaged Pakistan, the U.N. confirmed Saturday, adding to the misery of 20 million people the government says have been made homeless by the disaster. A fresh surge of floodwater

Alabama sues BP for “catastrophic” Gulf oil spill

Alabama is suing BP Plc, Transocean and Halliburton for “catastrophic harm” caused by the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, the state’s attorney general said on Friday. Alabama is the first state to sue BP for damage from the world’s worst

Fire in the Amazon rainforest

Video Report: Fires rage in parts of Brazil’s Amazon rainforest. Deborah Lutterbeck reports.

Food prices in Pakistan rocket

Video Report: Rescue and relief efforts push on in devastated Pakistan as food prices climb.

Rabid Vampire Bats Bite 500 People In Peru

Vampire bats infected with rabies have attacked more than 500 people in Peru – sparking an outbreak of the disease that has apparently killed four children. The flying mammals, which bite then lick the blood of their victims, swooped on

1,200 New Zealand skiers trapped

More than 1,000 skiers, including 300 children, have slept on the top of Mount Hutt in a cafeteria after wild weather forced the closure of the ski field. In conditions described as horrendous, whiteout conditions and gale force winds of

Latest Chinese mudslides trap 500, kill five

Mudslides after heavy rain have killed five people and trapped more than 500 in the south-western Chinese province of Sichuan, the Xinhua state news agency said. The mudslide is the latest in a series of natural disasters to strike China,

Wildfires rage in Portugal

Over Fifty fires are reportedly burning in parts of the country. Portuguese firefighters are continuing to battle dozens of forest fires that are sweeping through the country and have killed two of their colleagues. Over 50 fires are burning in