Afghanistan Asks For Drought Aid


Afghanistan is appealing for $142m (£92m) to feed 2.6 million people this winter as it faces the worst drought for a decade. The agriculture minister described the situation as extremely serious, with 14 provinces – about half the country –

Birds Found Dead In Oil Slick

A container ship that ran aground on a reef about 20 kilometres off the New Zealand coast has caused a five-kilometre oil slick. Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) has deemed the Liberian-flagged ship Rena hazardous after it ran aground on a

‘Immortal’ Jellyfish Invade The Seas

The Turritopsis Nutricula is able to revert back to a juvenile form once it mates after becoming sexually mature. Marine biologists say the jellyfish numbers are rocketing because they need not die. Dr Maria Miglietta of the Smithsonian Tropical Marine

Dust Storm Causes huge Pileup

The busy Interstate 10 corridor northwest of Tucson reopened Wednesday after a massive dust storm caused a deadly pileup that littered the highway with wrecked rigs, damaged cars and freight strewn. It took hours for wreckers to weave through the

Waves Double In Size Off UK


Waves said to be twice the normal height expected off a Western Isles coast have been recorded. The rollers of more than 15m (49ft) occurred during gales on Monday. They were measured by devices called wave rider buoys, that were

Environmentalists Sail In Garbage

Fancy a holiday in a sea of junk? Environmentalists in the United States are offering “eco-adventurers” the chance to do just that. From May 1 next year, the Sea Dragon will sail for two months through sections of the North

Earthquakes Hit Off La Palma


The Instituto Geografico Nacional (IGN) has reported surface deformations exceeding 35mm on the Spanish island of El Hierro, where residents have been alert for a possible volcanic eruption. The number of earthquakes recorded since July 17 on the smallest of

Warming Causes Shrinking Animals


Melting ice, outbreaks of disease, more intense storms and more forest fires are just some of the effects scientists say will accompany human-caused climate change. Scientists are now exploring another, perhaps more surprising, potential effect: Shrinking animals. A new study

Hundreds Killed In Thailand Floods

The severe monsoon season in Thailand has now killed more than 200 people in the worst flooding in decades, which has affected 58 of the country’s 77 provinces. The northern city of Chiang Mai was severely affected last week and

South korea Abandons Flood Aid

South Korea said Tuesday it had abandoned efforts to send flood relief to North Korea after Pyongyang failed to respond to Seoul’s offer, amid disagreement over what kind of aid to send. Despite high tensions, Seoul in August offered five