6.5 Earthquake Shakes Mexico

An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.5 shook southern Mexico on Thursday, the US Geological Survey said. The quake was centred about 56 kilometres from Las Choapas, a city of about 70,000 people in the state of Veracruz, at a

Japan Quake Moved Seabed 24 Metres

The seabed near the epicentre of the massive earthquake that rocked Japan last month was shifted 24 metres by the tremor, the country’s coastguard said. Sensors found that one part of the ocean floor had been stretched to a point

Japan’s Crisis & Chernobyl’s Legacy

Ghost City Symbolises Cost of Nuclear Disaster. “Careful — do not touch anything with your bare hands!” warned the guide as we entered the kindergarten and our Geiger counter hissed like an angry rattlesnake.

Rudd Wants Global Disaster Force

Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd on Wednesday called for world governments to establish an international disaster response team following a string of earthquakes, floods and cyclones. Rudd said international search and rescue crews were slow to mobilise after February’s New

Japan Visitors Down By Two Thirds

TOKYO (AFP) – Japan’s earthquake-tsunami and the ongoing nuclear crisis have slashed the number of foreigners travelling to its two main airports by two-thirds, immigration officials said Wednesday. The drop, from a daily average of 15,500 people last March to

Still No Wildlife In Sludge Zone

Wildlife has still not returned to the area in western Hungary that was devastated by the country’s worst chemical accident six months ago, the World Wildlife Fund said Wednesday. “Wildlife and fishlife were totally devastated or displaced from the area,

Playgrounds Checked For Radiation

Japanese officials have started measuring radiation levels in some school playgrounds amid fears the Fukushima nuclear plant might be leaking into the area. Radiation levels are being checked in the playgrounds of 1,400 schools in Fukushima Prefecture.

Japan: Caesium Found In Fish

Traces of radioactive caesium have been found for the first time in fish off Japan’s east coast. It is believed the contamination came from overheated fuel rods at the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant.

Japan’s Fishing Industry In Crisis

TOKYO – Fishermen who lost their homes and boats in Japan’s tsunami now fear radioactive water gushing into the Pacific Ocean from a crippled nuclear plant could cost them their livelihoods. The contaminated water raised concerns about the safety of

Sea Radiation 7.5 M Times Over Legal

TOKYO – Radiation in seawater at the shoreline off Japan’s tsunami-ravaged nuclear power plant has measured several million times the legal limit over the past few days, though officials contended Tuesday that the contamination still does not pose an immediate