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Hungary spill due to negligence

Video Report: Hungary’s prime minister blames ”human negligence” for the toxic red sludge that killed eight people last week. Please follow and like us:

Hungary in race to stop sludge

Workers are racing to build an emergency dam in western Hungary as cracks in a reservoir widen, threatening to unleash a second torrent of toxic sludge on the village of Kolontar and nearby rivers. About one million cubic metres of

Hungary’s Toxic sludge Dead Zone

Thousands of Hungarians affected by a massive wave of toxic sludge will never return home after the country’s Prime Minister said their villages should be “written off” as it was “impossible for people to live here”. Viktor Orban spoke as

All life in toxic sludge river is dead

Community workers, wearing protective gear, stand in line before cleaning streets flooded by toxic mud in the village of Kolontar, Hungary, Thursday, Oct. 7, 2010. The toxic red sludge that inundated three Hungarian villages reached Europe's mighty Danube River on Thursday but no immediate damage was evident, Hungary's rescue operations agency said. The European Union and environmental officials had feared an environmental catastrophe affecting half a dozen nations if the red sludge, a waste product of making aluminum, contaminated Europe's second-longest river after bursting out of a factory's reservoir. (AP Photo/Bela Szandelszky)

The entire ecosystem of a small river in Hungary which is situated in the area affected by a deadly toxic mud spill, has been destroyed, a disaster relief chief said Thursday. “The entire ecosystem of the Marcal river has been

Toxic red sludge reaches Danube


Hungary’s toxic sludge spill, which has killed four people, has reached the Danube River, threatening to contaminate the waterway’s ecosystem. Water alkalinity, a measure of river contamination, was reportedly already above normal in the major waterway. Samples taken at the