300 sq km Water Floods Towns

Australia: A MASSIVE 300sq km span of water is travelling west in the Riverina leaving towns under water in its wake as the NSW floods continue.

The entire town of Yenda is under shallow water as the water travels overland towards the Murrumbidgee River.

Mirrool Creek, normally dry, is now 10.5km wide.

State Emergency Services (SES) spokesman Phil Campbell said it was the first time water this size has ever happened in the Griffith region.

“We’ve not had flooding like this on record ever,” Mr Campbell said.

While the town of Griffith is safe from flooding at this stage, Mr Campbell said the surrounding villages and towns including Yenda and Yoogali were affected.

“The irrigation canals are not coping with the water,” he said.

Meanwhile the town of Forbes has been cut in three as the flooding has hit 10.5m and is rising.

A peak of 10.65m is now expected on Friday.

The water from the Lachlan River is now travelling downstream to Condobolin, which could cause major flooding and rural property isolation.

Police and emergency services are warning the community of Griffith and surrounding areas to be prepared for overland floods which are expected to reach the area within the next 48 hours.

Residents and businesses in the Griffith CBD as well as people on surrounding properties and farms have been warned to prepare for the floods which may isolate the community.

Police have advised residents to consider staying with family and friends who have not been affected by the floods or attend the local evacuation centre.

So far 256 people in the area have registered their details with 82 people staying at the local evacuation centre.