6.2 Earthquake Hits Off Russia – No Tsunami

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A STRONG 6.2 magnitude earthquake has rocked Russian islands in the volatile “Ring of Fire”.

The earthquake struck in the Pacific Ocean near the Commander Islands, just off Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula, on Tuesday.

The epicenter was shallow – just 8 miles below the surface.
It was just over 100 miles south east of Bering Island, in the Commander Islands chain.

No tsunami warning has been issued yet.

But the quake is situated right on the “Ring of Fire” – which is known for it’s fearsome volcanoes.

The epicentre is not far from Japan or Alaska.

It comes just weeks after many fatalities in a huge 6.2 magnitude earthquake in Italy.

Earlier this month, New Zealand was hit by a powerful 7.1 magnitude quake – generating a small tsunami.

The ring of fire region has been hit by a string of earthquakes over the last 12 months.

Earlier this year, fears of a “mega quake” emerged as experts predicted a dramatic climax to seismic activity.


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