Did Blood Moon Kill 140,000 Antelope?

THE mysterious deaths of 140,000 critically endangered antelopes which baffled scientists have prompted a flurry of conspiracy theories, including that it is another sign before the so-called Blood Moon apocalypse.

The world population of saiga antelope halved in less than two weeks after 140,000 animals perished on the Kazakhstan steppes without any obvious cause.

Shocked conservationists found entire herds dead or dying with saiga littered over the vast open grasslands, mostly mothers or newborn calves.

The only explanation being given so far is that usually harmless bacteria may have wiped out the herds.

Tissue samples retrieved from the dead animals showed toxins, produced by Pasteurella and possibly Clostridia bacteria, which are believed to have caused extensive bleeding in most of the saigas’ organs before they died.

Mass deaths are not unknown among grazing herds when they gather in large numbers at nursery sites, which makes them more prone to outbreaks of bacterial infections such as pasteurellosis, but this scale is unheard of, prompting the more bizarre speculation.

Christiantoday.com reported the event under the headline: “Apocalyptic sign? 60,000 antelopes in Kazakhstan mysteriously die in four days.”

Redsky Says: In prophecy, the moon doesn’t actually turn to blood of course and neither does it exterminate antelope. Its’ red colour is caused by pollutants from Yellowstone in the atmosphere filtering out all but red light. For more information, download your free copy of The Global Meltdown Domino Effect from this website.