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Norway Oil Spill Injures 200 Birds

As many as 200 oil-stained birds have been found after an Icelandic cargo ship ran aground last week and began leaking fuel inside Norway’s only marine natural reserve, authorities said Sunday. “Yesterday I saw around 50 injured birds… And today

Three Norway Skiers Freeze To Death

POLICE say rescuers have found the bodies of three skiers believed to have frozen to death in the mountains of southwestern Norway. Police spokesman Egil Eriksen says the victims have not been identified but are believed to be from another

100’s Detained In German Protest

German police Wednesday said they detained hundreds of anti-nuclear protestors who tried to block the departure of a cross-country shipment of nuclear waste. The activists tried to get in the way of an 80-metre (260-foot), five-carriage train carrying some 60

Greenhouse Gasses Linked to Floods

Man-made greenhouse gas emissions are linked to more frequent heavy rainfall, two studies published found on Wednesday, portraying a clearer human fingerprint after a spate of floods around the world. Scientists agree that greenhouse gas emissions are warming the world

4.5 Earthquake Shakes Germany

BERLIN — The German Research Center for Geosciences says western Germany has been hit with an earthquake. The Potsdam-based center said the magnitude 4.5 temblor hit at about 1:45 p.m. local time, with an epicenter just east of the city

EU Sets New Van CO2 Limit

The European parliament signed off Tuesday on new carbon dioxide restrictions for commercial vans to cut fuel costs and limit emissions blamed for global warming. The parliament voted for new rules that will require automakers to limit CO2 emissions from

Greek Landfill Collapses Into Sea

Waters off the Greek island of Andros were choked with garbage on Monday after a landfill was flushed into the sea in an environmental disaster indicative of Greece’s chronic waste management woes. The island’s deputy mayor Lefteris Ballas said strong

Iceland’s Bardabunga Ready To Blow

Researchers say Iceland’s second-largest volcano seems ready to erupt and might create an ash cloud bigger than one that disrupted European air travel in 2010. Geologists say an increased swarm of earthquakes around the Bardarbunga volcano tell them there is

Charles Decries Climate Skeptics

Britain’s Prince Charles hit out Wednesday at climate change doubters for playing a “reckless game of roulette” with Earth’s future and urged Europe to take ambitious action against global warming. The eco-friendly prince delivered his message at a “low-carbon” summit

Eight Earthquakes Hit Bulgaria

Seismological activity in Bulgaria has been busy over the past few hours with eight earthquakes detected overnight, and two the previous day, Bulgarian media reported. All of them were in the southwest of Bulgaria, near the towns of Petrich and