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Greenpeace ends Oil Ship Protest

Greenpeace campaigners who attached themselves to an oil drilling ship in the North Sea ended their protest Saturday after the ship’s operator, Chevron, won a court injunction ordering them to leave. Activists for the environmental group had boarded the Stenna

Protests over trash in Naples

Police clashed with citizens opposing the use of a rubbish dump as hundreds of tons of waste piled up on Naples’s streets Friday, three years after a trash crisis hit the southern Italian city. A strike by refuse collectors fearing

Atlantic pollution falls, acidity up

Efforts to clean up and protect the North East Atlantic have made some progress since 2000 but new threats are looming such as ocean acidification linked to climate change, a study said on Thursday. The report, by the OSPAR Commission

Cruise ships dumping sewage into Baltic: WWF

More than half of the cruise ships sailing the Baltic dump their sewage directly into the sea, despite access to proper disposal services, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) said on Wednesday. Each summer hundreds of ships cruise around the northern

Parts Of Scotland Hit By Floods

Torrential rain has caused flooding across parts of east and west Scotland. The worst affected areas included a number of towns in North Ayrshire, where emergency workers were called in to help people whose homes were hit. In Aberdeenshire, homes

Greenpeace plan one month protest on North Sea drill ship

Greenpeace campaigners who boarded an oil drilling ship near the Shetland Isles in protest at exploration in the North Sea have enough food and drink to stay for a month, the group said Wednesday. Two activists from the environmental lobby

Greenpeace activists board North Sea drilling ship

Greenpeace activists had occupied an oil drilling ship anchored off the Shetland Isles to push for a ban on deepwater drilling in the North Sea, the environmental group said Tuesday. Two activists used speedboats to reach the 228-metre (750-foot) long

Halting Extinctions impossible

World leaders will next week consider a target for halting extinctions of animals and plants by 2020 that many experts rate impossibly ambitious given mounting threats such as climate change and loss of habitats. “Biodiversity losses are accelerating,” said Anne

Quake Warning Issued For London

A killer earthquake could hit London at any time, claiming untold numbers of lives and causing billions of pounds worth of damage, an expert has warned. Such a quake is long overdue after the last one occurred on April 6

Urgent action needed, say climate change advisors

The UK needs to take action now to ensure it can cope with future changes in our climate, the committee set up to advise the Government on adapting to global warming have warned. Ministers should look at measures such as

No Fears Over BP’s North Sea Drill

The outgoing boss of BP, Tony Hayward, has rejected claims the company’s North Sea oil platforms are unsafe for drilling. Mr Hayward told a committee of MPs he “did not believe” earlier newspaper reports which claimed to show a “fundamental

France Reports First Dengue Fever Infection On Mainland

France reported a first case of dengue fever infection on its mainland Monday, in the southern city of Nice, and is trying to kill mosquitoes which might be carrying the deadly disease in the area. The health ministry said it

UK Considers Green Bank

Britain has begun the process of setting up its Green Investment Bank to help fund the shift to a low-carbon economy and could make it commercially independent, the minister of state for energy and climate change said. “We have begun

Home of “Ice Giants” thaws, shows pre-Viking hunts

Climate change is exposing reindeer hunting gear used by the Vikings’ ancestors faster than archaeologists can collect it from ice thawing in northern Europe’s highest mountains. “It’s like a time machine…the ice has not been this small for many, many

Europe’s climate chief scolds and praises China

China’s climate negotiators are moving too slowly, but the country’s green energy companies are advancing at an “astonishing” pace and threaten to outpace western competitors, Europe’s climate chief said on Tuesday. Connie Hedegaard’s comments were delivered alongside a warning that

Mudslide Hits Italian Village

ROME – A river of mud unleashed by heavy rains has flooded a tiny village on Italy’s Amalfi Coast, and at least one person was reported missing. Video obtained by APTN on Friday showed a river of mud running through