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Rare Tornado Strikes Portugal

Video Report: The Weather Channel’s severe weather expert Dr. Greg Forbes examines a tornado that struck Portugal.

Troops To Help in UK Snow Chaos

The Army has been drafted in to help remove snow and ice from the streets of Scotland’s capital after the city’s heaviest snowfall in nearly 50 years. Up to 30cm of snow has fallen in parts of Edinburgh – leaving

Protest Halts Dutch Power Project

A protest by Greenpeace halted work Wednesday on a coal-fired power station in the Netherlands which the environmental group said would increase the country’s carbon-dioxide emissions by a quarter. Some 20 activists occupied cranes being used to build the plant

300 Spend Night on Abandoned Train

Hundreds of rail commuters have spent a miserable night aboard an abandoned train, an operator said. Three hundred passengers were stuck at Three Bridges station in West Sussex after a series of line failures.

Hundreds Stranded by Heavy Snow

Hundreds of cars have been stranded on snowbound roads for a second night as temperatures plunged towards minus 20C. Drivers across central Scotland were forced to abandon their vehicles after the worst wintry weather for several decades brought the country’s

Round Up: Blizzards, Floods and Fire

Video Report: Europe is experiencing some wild weather from flooding to snow to a wildfire.

Hundreds Stuck On Iced-Up Roads

Hundreds of drivers have been stranded overnight as the “worst snow and ice since the 1960s” continues to grip Britain. Scotland has been bearing the brunt of the icy gridlock as temperatures as low as -18C and a foot of

Branson Targets ‘Dirty’ Cargo Ships

Virgin boss Sir Richard Branson has declared war on the shipping industry with a new climate change initiative. The Carbon War Room, an independent venture, wants to see an efficiency rating on every ocean going vessel to help clean up

Climate Protestors March in London

Green campaigners have marched on Parliament demanding greenhouse gas emissions are slashed to help prevent “climate catastrophe”. With UN delegates meeting in Cancun, Mexico, to hammer out a deal to cut global warming, thousands of campaigners marched through London.

60 Dead in Europe Snow Chaos

A cold snap across Europe has claimed at least 60 lives, as snow disrupted transport in Britain and serious flooding forced thousands of people to be evacuated in the Balkans. Seventeen people died from the cold in Central Europe in