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Wild Fires hit Athens

Video: Wild Fires hit Athens

Seaweed on French beaches ’emitting lethal fumes’

Mounds of rotting seaweed clogging beaches across northwestern France are emitting a toxic and potentially lethal gas, test results released by the government showed on Thursday. Tests were ordered on the foul-smelling algae, which green groups blame on nitrates fertilisers

Global pact to push China to low-carbon economy: Blair

China’s efforts to build a low-carbon economy would accelerate if world powers agree to a “practical” global climate change pact later this year, former British prime minister Tony Blair said Thursday. Blair was speaking ahead of key UN talks in

Access to water key for world’s poor

An international cast of politicians, industry leaders and United Nations officials joined forces Monday to improve access to water and halt a tide of deaths in poor nations. Some 2,000 experts met at a global water summit in Sweden to

Asia facing unprecedented food shortage, UN report says

Major investment in irrigation systems needed to feed population expected to grow by 1.5 billion over next 40 years The UN has said that billions of dollars will be needed to improve irrigation in Asia. Asia faces an unprecedented food

UN Chief’s warning – the end of the world is nigh

We have just four months. Four months to secure the future of our planet.” UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has such a low profile on the world stage that he’s referred to as “the invisible man”. Perhaps in an effort

Climate talks risk failure unless they accelerate

U.N. talks on a new climate treaty due to be agreed in December risk failure unless negotiations accelerate, a senior U.N. official said on Friday after a sluggish week-long session among 180 nations. Negotiators made scant progress at the Aug

Rich nations offer 15-21 percent CO2 cuts by 2020: U.N.

Industrialized nations excluding the United States are planning cuts in greenhouse gas emissions of between 15 and 21 percent below 1990 levels by 2020 under a new U.N. climate pact, official data showed on Tuesday. The numbers, issued to delegates

Severe Summer Wildfires claim 250,000 hectares of Europe’s forests

Europe has lost at least 250,000 hectares of forest to fires this summer, a higher rate of attrition than last year, and national governments must act as global warming takes its toll, the EU warned Monday. “During the next few

Beaches closed in France because of toxic poisonous algae

More beaches could be shut in northwestern France due to health fears over toxic algae, conservationists warned on Monday, after it emerged that algae have spread to almost 100 sites in Brittany. Doctors have warned that the algae pose a