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Drought shrinks Amazon River to lowest level in 47 years

A severe drought parching northern Brazil this year has shrunk the mighty Amazon River — the world’s longest river — to its lowest level in 47 years, officials said Wednesday. The waterway’s depth at Manaus, the main city in the

Wildfires destroy over 400 homes in Siberia

Wildfires swept through several villages in Siberia, burning down over 400 homes on Wednesday, Russia’s Emergencies Ministry said, following a wave of blazes that killed over 50 people earlier in the summer. No casualties were reported from the flames in

Drought in Brazil’s Amazon Basin Forest, Pantanal

Brazil’s Amazon basin forest and the Pantanal area, both home to a rich variety of flora and fauna, are experiencing a severe drought, officials have said. After record floods last year due to a historic rise in water levels in

Colorado Wild Fires Destroy Homes

BOULDER, Colo. – David Myers knew it was time to leave when he looked out into the forest and spotted bright red flames towering skyward. Then came a blinding cloud of smoke and a deafening roar as the fire ripped

Amazon at lowest level in 40 years

The Amazon, the world’s biggest river, is at its lowest level in over 40 years near its source in northeastern Peru, causing havoc in a region where it is used as the only form of travel, authorities said. According to

Food prices soar in Russia after drought

Prices of basic foodstuffs like buckwheat and flour have soared in Russia over the past month as the effects of its worst ever drought hit supplies, statistics showed Wednesday. Inflation in Russia was 0.2 percent for the week 17-23 August,

Niger hit by ‘double disaster’ of drought, floods

LONDON (AFP) – Aid agency Oxfam warned Tuesday of a “double disaster” for millions of people in Niger where heavy rains and flooding are compounding food shortages caused by a prolonged drought. The United Nations says more than seven million

Wildfires rage across British Colombia

Nearly 300 hundred forest fires are devouring British Columbia’s tinder-dry wilderness, with the latest major blazes breaking out in the central coast. An aggressive forest fire has eaten up the only road in and out of the remote, coastal town

Turn to God or you’re fired!

A religion-obsessed Russian tycoon has ordered his employees to embrace the Russian Orthodox Church because of drought and fires or lose their jobs. Vasily Boiko-The Great has told his staff to stop living in sin or be sacked. Vasily Boiko-The

Wildfires close to Russian nuclear site

A fire raging dangerously close to Russia’s main nuclear research centre has grown in size, officials said Friday, as firefighters battled to cut back hundreds of blazes across the country. The emergencies ministry said that more than 500 fires covering