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Peasants Protest at Cancun

Thousands of leftist activists and Mexican peasants took to the streets Tuesday of the beach resort of Cancun to protest against the climate accord being negotiated by more than 190 countries. Waving rainbow and green flags, the demonstrators beat drums

Branson Targets ‘Dirty’ Cargo Ships

Virgin boss Sir Richard Branson has declared war on the shipping industry with a new climate change initiative. The Carbon War Room, an independent venture, wants to see an efficiency rating on every ocean going vessel to help clean up

Climate Protestors March in London

Green campaigners have marched on Parliament demanding greenhouse gas emissions are slashed to help prevent “climate catastrophe”. With UN delegates meeting in Cancun, Mexico, to hammer out a deal to cut global warming, thousands of campaigners marched through London.

Toxic Waste Stuck in Australia

Environmental activists are celebrating but the Australian company planning to ship toxic waste to Denmark says it is disappointed the plan has been put on hold. The Danish Government postponed Orica’s shipment of decades-old chemical waste after heavy pressure from

Anti-Whaling Ships Head South

Anti-whaling ships leave Hobart today for their seventh campaign in the Southern Ocean to try to stop Japan’s whaling program. The Sea Shepherd ships Bob Barker and Steve Irwin will leave Hobart’s Macquarie Wharf this afternoon for “Operation No Compromise”.

Protest at Cancun Climate Talks

Video Report: As the U.N.’s climate change conference kicks off in Cancun, thousands of environmentalists rally in Mexico City hoping these talks will lead to an agreement.

Sea Shepherd Unveils New Weapon

The Australian director of the anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd says its new vessel has the potential to stop Japanese whaling. The fast interceptor vessel, which is registered in Fremantle and cost $4 million, is called Gojira.

China Students Riot Over Food Cost

A group of high school students in China smashed windows and overturned tables after their canteen hiked prices, the school’s principal said Thursday, amid growing anxiety over soaring food costs. Students at the No. 2 High School in Liupanshui city

Greenpeace Scale Mexico Oil Rig

Four Greenpeace activists on Monday scaled a Mexican off-shore oil rig to protest against global reliance on fossil fuels ahead of a UN conference on climate change, the group said. Pictures posted on the environmentalist group’s website showed a banner

New Greenpeace Ship Completed

The latest incarnation of Greenpeace’s flagship the Rainbow Warrior took to the water Tuesday after construction work was completed at a Polish shipyard, the global environment group said. Jacek Winiarski, spokesman of Greenpeace’s Polish branch, told AFP that the hull

Haiti Cholera Riot Leaves 2 Dead

Haiti. Two men were killed Monday in northern Haiti in clashes with United Nations peacekeepers, as anger turned to violence over a cholera outbreak that has claimed nearly 1,000 lives, officials said. The body of a 20-year-old man was found

Chinese Man Battles Lake Pollution

ZHOUTIE, China — You smell the lake before you see it, an overwhelming stench like rotten eggs mixed with manure. The visuals are just as bad, the shore caked with toxic blue-green algae. Farther out, where the algae is more

Greenpeace Protests Tennis Sponsor

Environmental group Greenpeace hung banners on the venue of the Paris Masters tennis tournament Saturday protesting the involvement of sponsors BNP Paribas in funding a nuclear project in Brazil. Half-a-dozen militants hung the 11-square-metre (118-square-foot) banners from the Palais Omnisport

Nuclear Waste Arrives in Germany

A convoy of highly radioactive waste crawled into its final destination Tuesday after unprecedented protests that activists said would further energize Germany’s growing anti-nuclear movement. “(The shipment) may have arrived but the government is further than ever from its aim

Activists Ready for Showdown

German police and protesters geared up Monday for the final journey of a shipment of 123 tonnes of nuclear waste that drew a wave of angry protests during its much-delayed trip from France. While authorities loaded the cargo on lorries

Violence at Nuclear Waste Protest

Protests against a train carrying nuclear waste from France to Germany erupted in violence Sunday as police wielding batons charged activists trying to halt the cargo’s progress. Around 1,000 activists attacked police on the tracks near Dannenberg, the final destination