Dam threatens to burst in Australia

A dam is threatening to burst on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula while more than 500 people have called emergency services due to storm damage.

Thunderstorms have brought strong winds, heavy rain and local flooding to most areas of the state.
The Country Fire Service says a large farm dam is threatening to burst near Port Lincoln, on Eyre Peninsula.

It says about 200 residents in the Little Swamp/Greenpatch area would be affected.

Weather bureau spokesman Vince Rowlands says the storms are starting to ease, but the rain will continue.

“Over the last six to 12 hours the highest [rainfall] is 80 millimetres at Leigh Creek,” he said.

“We’ve had 38 millimetres at Whyala, 20-29 millimetres at Port Augusta and certainly in the Adelaide Hills we’re up to about 45 millimetres in some places and 20 to 30 millimetres across the Adelaide plains.”

He says the rain is predicted to continue tomorrow.

“People, particularly over more densely-populated areas around Adelaide and the eastern parts, will still see some rain in the morning,” he said.

“But as the low drifts further to the south-east we’ll see the trend go towards more showers rather than rain.”

Flash flooding has hit wide areas of the state; many areas lost power and emergency crews have been busy with sandbags.

A school was flooded on Eyre Peninsula and the Transport Department closed some outback roads because of rain.

The Birdsville Track from Marree to the Cooper Creek punt was closed and it said roads were likely to be closed in the Gawler Ranges and Flinders Ranges.