Earthquake of 6.7 Magnitude Strikes Alaska

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A magnitude 6.7 earthquake has occurred in Alaska’s Aleutian Islands.
The islands are a seismically active zone where the earth’s crust is being subducted.

The United States Geological Survey has announced that an earthquake struck Alaska’s Aleutian Islands The earthquake took place at a depth of 10 km (just over six miles) in the Fox Islands part of the Aleutian chain.

The magnitude of the earthquake was reported by USGS as 6.7M, although it may be subject to later adjustment (USGS, “Magnitude 6.7 – Fox Islands, Aleutian Islands, Alaska,, 18 July 2010).

According to the AP news agency there have to date been no reports of damage despite the fact that the earthquake is significant in size and thus capable of causing a notable amount of damage. No tsunami was reported as a result of the ‘quake, despite its high magnitude
A number of minor aftershocks continued to be reported at the time of writing.

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