Hammer Protest at Cancun Talks

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Environmental activists protesting UN climate talks have marched down Cancun streets carrying a giant silver hammer sent from Germany.

Protesters heaved the 12-metre inflatable hammer over the gate where the conference is taking place and riot police promptly ripped it up.

The hammer was sent by the artist group Eclectic Electric Cooperative to Mexican activists so that they can symbolically ‘stamp out’ the talks.

One protester explained that they see the summit as futile, as benefitting developed nations and as incapable of coming up with effective solutions.

The artists shipped the hammer to Mexico in a suitcase because they didn’t want to contribute to climate change by flying in planes and because they believe that, just like the Trojan horse in ancient Greek history, their Trojan hammer needs to be smuggled into ‘enemy camp’ to convey their message best.

Nearly 200 countries are meeting in Cancun as they try to unblock UN climate talks after last year’s much hyped Copenhagen summit ended acrimoniously.

Countries in talks are split over how to toughen existing pledges to cut carbon emissions, made at last year’s Copenhagen summit.

The talks end in Cancun on December 10.

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