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Leaking US Reactor Shut Down

..A reactor at the San Onofre nuclear power plant near San Diego has been shut down after a radiation leak which was not big enough to cause public harm, the US atomic safety agency said Wednesday. Radioactive gas escaped from

8 Executives Kept In Pollution Case

another company official, bringing the total to eight, over a massive river pollution case in the country’s south, the government and state media said Thursday. Industrial waste — including toxic cadmium — polluted up to a 300-kilometre (190-mile) section of

India’s Air At Worst Ever

India has the worst air quality in the world, poorer even than its neighbour China, according to an annual survey based at Yale and Columbia universities in the United States. Of all the countries surveyed in the Environmental Performance Index

6.9 Earthquake Hits Off Vanuatu

A shallow 6.9-magnitude earthquake hit off the coast of the South Pacific island of Vanuatu late on Thursday, the US Geological Survey said, but there was no tsunami warning. There were no immediate reports of casualties or damage. The quake

Yellowstone Mirrors Atlantis Volcano

Around 1630 BC, a super-volcano blew apart the Aegean island of Santorini, an event so violent that some theorists say it nurtured the legend of Atlantis. More than three and a half millennia later, the big blast is yielding forensic

30 Dead In European Freeze

A cold snap that killed 30 people in Ukraine over the past five days spread Tuesday to swathes of eastern and central Europe with record lows in Bulgaria and heavy snow in Switzerland and parts of Italy. Emergency services in

Families Flee As Flood Isolates Town

Two families have been evacuated from a town cut off by the swollen Moonie River in the western Darling Downs. Western Downs Regional Mayor Ray Brown says the families were voluntarily evacuated from Flinton earlier today. He says flooding in

6.2 Earthquake Rattles Peru

An earthquake has hit coastal Peru, shaking buildings in several cities, including in the capital Lima.Officials say about 60 people suffered minor injuries, mainly from being hit with falling objects. The injuries included broken bones, concussion and cuts caused by

World Running Out Of Resources

A major United Nations report has called for a sustainable “evergreen revolution”, warning that time is running out to ensure there is enough food, water and fuel to meet the needs of the world’s rapidly growing population. In a grim

200,000 Homes Fear Flood Insurance

Around 200,000 homes at a high risk of flooding could be priced out of insurance when a Government guarantee runs out in 2013, it has been warned. MPs from the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) have raised concerns over whether there